Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Academic Section at OliveTree

OliveTree has opened a new Academic section with original language modules and related resources for BibleReader. Almost at the same time, it has made available much improved GRAMCORD (GNT) and Septuagint databases. The improvements include the following fixes and enhancements:
- 170 lemmas resolved -- several hundred hyperlinks are now working
- Iota subscript is working
- Verse numbers are now in black
- Incorrect characters in the text are cleaned up
- All hyperlinks for the Greek definite articles are working
- Greek crasis now shows the alternate Greek word in parenthesis, the hyperlink also works as in the Gramcord PC version
- Hyperlink highlighting around punctuation is fixed
- Other hyperlinking issues have also been resolved
- The problem with missing words at the beginining of some verses is now resolved.