Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accordance 6.9

OakTree Software has released version 6.9 of Accordance. The two most important new features of this upgrade are the support for Sylvanus Uncial font (for the display of Codex Bezae - see further below) and new Hebrew tags to support BHS Westminster Morphology 4.4.

New CD-ROMs are also available: Scholar's Collection 6.9, Die Mac Studienbibel CD-ROM (Stuttgart Original Language Collection), and Eerdmans Reference CD-ROM (including 8 Pillar New Testament Commentaries). More detailed information about these products can be found here.

One of the brand new modules included in Scholar's Collection 6.9 (and there are plenty of them!) is a morphologically tagged edition of Codex Bezae. This is an electronic edition of Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis (Greek column only), edited by Frederick H. Scrivener and published by Deighton, Bell and Co., Cambridge, England, in 1864, with morphological tagging done by Rex A. Koivisto (Multnomah Bible College, Portland, Oregon USA). This is a sneak preview of this important codex (which includes the Gospels and most of Acts) for readers of this blog.

Other new academic modules worth mentioning here are the Apocryphal Gospels (The Greek Apocryphal Gospels, including Latin sections and an English translation, with morphological tagging of the Greek text), Pseudepigrapha (A new translation from the Greek by Craig Evans), Josephus Tagged Greek (Includes the full text of Antiquites, Jewish War, Life, and Apion in Greek. Fully parsed and lemmatized by Aletti and Gieniusz), Philo Tagged Greek (All the extant Greek texts of Philo prepared, lemmatized, and initially tagged grammatically by The Norwegian Philo Concordance Project, extensively revised for Accordance), Philo English (Complete works translated by C.D. Yonge), and Introducing Biblical Hebrew (Hebrew Grammar by Allen P. Ross, for first year studies).