Wednesday, October 20, 2004

XML Tanach Updated

The following is from B-Hebrew. Since for some reason I can't link to the archived post, I reproduce it here in its entirety:
The Unicode/XML Tanach from the Westminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) at

has been substantially upgraded. Please advise of any problems encountered or suggestions.

1. Tanach text can be displayed without associated links by clicking on the book name directly above or below the text. This allows printing of the text and was requested by a student, Luana.

2. The books of the Torah, Genesis.DH.xml ... Deuteronomy.DH.xml, contain Documentary Hypothesis (DH) source markings by default. See the DH link on the index page for more details. The default display does not show these markings, however. Unmarked Torah files, Genesis.xml ... Deuteronomy.xml, continue to be available.

3. The former "About" link has been split into "About", "Installation", and "Technical" links and a general cleanup of the site has been made.

4. A new "Instructions" link has been provided to describe site capabilities.

5. The site now includes an updated and standard version (0.9.3) of the Sarissa XML library. Previous versions contained an earlier and specially-modified version of Sarissa.

Chris Kimball
This is the Torah with DH markings project I have already mentioned before.