Friday, September 10, 2004

How About NT Papyri and MSS in CD-ROM?

Eckhard J. Schnabel, "Textual Criticism: Recent Developments" in The Face of New Testament Studies, eds. Scot McKnight and Grant R. Osborne (Baker Academic/Apollos: Grand Rapids-Leicester, 2004), p. 60, bemoans the fact that
Electronic study of the manuscript tradition of the NT is, unfortunately, not yet possible. High resolution images of the newly published P99-P115 can be found on the Oxyrhynchus website. If basic textual research of Greek NT MSS is to fin broader appeal, it seems necessary to have all papyri, majuscules, and a representative selection of minuscules available on a searchable CD-ROM.
Schnabel writes a very helpful update on the current state of the discipline of New Testament textual criticism, and I think his remark makes a lot of sense. He is obviously not talking about digital editions of the critical apparatus (which are already beginning to be released), but rather of the primary sources themselves. Would that that could come true in the not too distant future! Any takers?