Monday, September 13, 2004

Article Watch: Studying the Bible for free

The August 2004 issue of Stimulus, The New Zealand journal of Christian thought and practice, edited by blogger Tim Bulkeley, includes a Bible software review written by Michael Hanson (Studying the Bible for free). In it, Hanson, who is Dean of Studies at Carey Baptist College in Auckland, compares three freeware programs (Sword, e-Sword, and Online Bible) and surveys three other Internet-based Bible study tools (The Bible Tool, The Blue Letter Bible, and Crosswalk Online Study Bible). Here's an excerpt taken from his concluding remarks:
All of the tools tested are very good. They all have strengths and weakness but none disappoint (...)

Over the next couple of years expect to see major developments in the web-based tools. These will be refined and additional features added. As more and more users get high-speed internet access these tools will grow in popularity.

Are these free Bible study tool worth using? Most definitely. Will these tools provide the average student of the Bible what they need? Without a doubt. Will these Bible study tools provide the tools for serious students of the Bible? Probably not –yet!
It is worth downloading the PDF file (follow link above) and reading the whole article.