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FLM CP30-M4S 4 Section Carbon Tripod 32 30 904/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー FLMCP30M4S:Mars shop - 876d0

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FLM CP30-M4S 4 Section Carbon Tripod 32 30 904/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー FLMCP30M4SMin. height:70mm / 2.75''
Max Height:1530mm / 60.23''
Tube segments:4 mm / 0.15''
Uppermost tube diameter:30mm / 1.18''
Foot system:Rubber / Spike (retractable)
Load Capacity:15 kg / 33.06 lbs
Weight:1500 g / 52.91 oz

The FLM CP30-M4S Carbon Fiber Tripod is especially suited for panorama photography. They can be integrated with an FLM Leveling able centre column (available separately). The smallest CP30 has minimum stored dimensions 45cm and the FLM tripod head fits elegantly and perfectly between the tripod legs without changing the overall stored dimensions. Each FLM Centerpod may also be used without a center column and include a changing thread from 1/4'' and 3/8''.

The CP30-M4S FLM Centerpod Tripod has 4 tube segments and the uppermost tube is 30mm in diameter. The height when closed is 470mm and the maximum height when fully extended with the centre column is 1530mm. The weight is approx. 1.5kg and it has a load capacity of 15kg. CP30-M4S model has a retractable hardened steel tip / foot for protection when not in use. With a few twists you can change the system from cushioned rubber to steel tip - quick and secure.

FLM CP30-M4S 4 Section Carbon Tripod 32 30 904

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