Review of Logos Bible Software   Review by Sarah Lind (PDF document)
Bible Analysis   Different reviews by various authors. Sadly, they are badly outdated!
Bible Software Review   Comprehensive reviews of various products by Jerry Foster
Bible Software for Macs and Palms   Overview of Bible software available for Macs and Palms, written by Charles W. Moore
Bible Software for Windows   General review by Doug Atkinson
Bible Software Programs: Reviews   Reviews of some of the main Bible software programs by Kenneth A. Ristau - Highly Recommended!
BibleWorks 5.0: Software f�r Exegese und Forschung   Thorough review of BibleWorks 5 written by Martin Schmidl (in German!)
BibleWorks, Version 6.0   An in-depth review by Mois�s Silva
Codex: Search & Retrieval Software for Biblical Studies   Reviews written by Tyler F. Williams - Highly recommended!
Computers make serious Bible study easier   Article written by Kenneth A. Ristau
Electronic Resources Relevant to the Textual Criticism of Hebrew Scripture   Good article authored by Emanuel Tov
E-Search the Scriptures   An article written by Ken Ristau on online resources and Bible software
Exegetical and Bible Study Computer Program   PDF download by John Glynn - Recommended!
Logos Bible Software Series X: Expanded and Improved   Review by Frank Ritchel Ames
PDA Buyer's Guide Bible So0ftware for Palm OS review and comparison   by Tanker Bob
Review of Bible Software 2003   Overview by Susan Jeffers. A bit outdated.
Software review: Bible Explorer 3, Logos Bible Software Series X, and BibleWorks 5   Comparative review written by Tony W. Carledge
Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible   Review by Sarah Lind (Word document download)
Use of the CATSS database with the Accordance program   Written by Emanuel Tov (available as a PDF download)
Windows Software for Bible Study   Excellent article by H. Van Dyke Parunak (PDF download)
Windows Software for Bible Study II   Update to his previous review, by H. Van Dyke Parunak (PDF download)
Review of NA27 in SESB   Review written by Jan Krans (PDF document)
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