Michael N. Jackson, co-founder of Due Diligence Software

Bible Software Review: By way of an introduction, please give us any personal information you'd like to share with our readers...

Michael N. Jackson: There are two of us at Due Diligence Software, William R. Kincaid and myself, Michael N. Jackson.

BSR: When did your company start, and why did you feel the need to set this project off?

MNJ: Back in 2002, we were involved in detailed comparisons with different versions in Spanish, and existing software did not do what we wanted. That coupled with our complete dissatisfaction with the bloat and anti-intuitiveness of any software available, compelled us to develop our own (The Workman's Study Bible).

BSR: What is your current role in the company?

MNJ: We do everything.

BSR: When you look back, what would you identify as being the single greatest feat in the history of Bible software?

MNJ: Online Bible's MS-DOS version was the pinnacle, and everyone has been trying to catch up ever since. Small, fast, powerful, easy, fully integrated with the OS (by way of the TSR feature). Been downhill ever since.

BSR: What segment of Bible software users do you consider to be your main target?

MNJ: We are our primary users and our main target.

BSR: In your opinion, what are the three most salient features of your application?

MNJ: Instant, error-free command line processing (minimize keystrokes); Multiple version comparison (to detect changes in revisions); On-hand helps; Minimalist user interface; Non-contained display windows; Extremely powerful synchronization and window grouping options.

BSR: If you had to recommend the use of Bible software to someone who has never been exposed to it before, how would you go about it?

MNJ: There is no substitute for persistent, focused, straight-forward reading, but digital tools allow almost immediate solutions to common queries.

BSR: Why do you think people should consider using your software?

MNJ: For Bible study, our program is the least cumbersome, and most versatile.

BSR: What is the primary use you make of your own software?

MNJ: Sermon preparation, version comparison, multi-language comparison, and commentary research.

BSR: Is there any feature lacking in Bible software in general that you would love to see implemented soon?

MNJ: Easy Title development, complete with Strong's insertion tools.

BSR: Are there any specific plans to port the software to other platforms? (Mac, Linux, PDA...)

MNJ: The way Windows is heading (5 flavors, 128 meg of video ram required for the new interface) we are heading over to the Mac. Since we develop this software for ourselves primarily, and we now prefer the Mac�

BSR: Besides English, is or will your software be available in other languages in the foreseeable future?

MNJ: Spanish is already available, and our software facilitates anyone to translate the interface to any language they desire.

BSR: From your perspective, what should Bible software be heading for in the years to come?

MNJ: Immediate, on-hand Bible searches and displays (for easy insertion into documents, and for quick identification of references while reading digital material, whether online or other -- Online Bible for MS-DOS was partly there, but Windows environment complicated things.) Title compatibility, allowing users to piece together their study library and use the interface of their choosing. This really isn't difficult, and it doesn't preclude selling the Titles, since it should also include standardized encryption for locked Titles. Compete on content and interface features, standardize on Title format.

BSR: Would you like to add or share anything not covered in the previous questions?

MNJ: No, I guess that about covers it.

BSR: Thank you so much for your time!

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