Larry Pierce, founder of Online Bible

Bible Software Review: By way of an introduction, please give us any personal information you'd like to share with our readers.

Larry Pierce: I have been married since 1975 with my wife Marion and live in the little village of Winterbourne, in Ontario.

BSR:When did your company start, and why did you feel the need to set this project off?

LP: We started doing this (Online Bible) in Oct/1987 when we got the KJV text from Public Brand Software.

BSR: What is your current role in the company?

LP: Minor. It is basically a full time hobby.

BSR: When you look back, what would you identify as being the single greatest feat in the history of Bible software?

LP: Development of the Windows platform to allow sophisticated software to be developed for Biblical research. The Internet would be a close second which allowed the rapid distribution of such software.

BSR: What segment of Bible software users do you consider to be your main target?

LP: Native language users, e.g. English, Dutch, French &c. We have some of the original languages but we do not excel in that.

BSR: In your opinion, what are the three most salient features of your application?

LP: Rapid searches, access to a wealth of material. All biblical software basically has the same features. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

BSR: If you had to recommend the use of Bible software to someone who has never been exposed to it before, how would you go about it?

LP: I would not. First develop good study biblical habits then and only then examine software to allow you do do it quicker and in more depth. If you do not know how to study, buying a computer program will not help you!

BSR: Why do you think people should consider using your software?

LP: Software is a personal choice and no one vendor has everything. Ours is easy to use and is free from the Internet. Many people use it exclusively. Others find other programs that better suit their style.

My program reflects the way I study, which is basically inductive, starting with the Bible. If that is your style, then my program should satisfy your needs. Otherwise use something that is more suitable for you.

BSR: What is the primary use you make of your own software?

LP: Study, since I am not an active minister.

BSR: Is there any feature lacking in Bible software in general, that you would love to see implemented soon?

LP: No.

BSR: Are there any specific plans to port the software to other platforms? (Mac, Linux, PDA...)

LP: We have had a Mac version for a dozen years. Others have used our databases to develop Palm versions. Linux is a dark horse and until it gets more market share I see no point doing anything for it.

BSR: Besides English, is or will your software be available in other languages in the foreseeable future?

LP: We already have about a dozen European interfaces plus most languages in Europe have at least one or more versions available.

BSR: From your perspective, what should Bible software be heading for in the years to come?

LP: I do not know what the future holds so I cannot say.

BSR: Would you like to add or share anything not covered in the previous questions?

LP: No.

BSR: Thank you so much for your time!

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