Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Website

Q:    Do you (i.e., Rubén Gómez) write all the reviews yourself?

A:    I write most of them, but not all. Potential reviewers are welcome to get in touch with me to discuss various proposals. Believe it or not, the number of people who are actually willing (and able) to review software packages is quite limited.

Q:    Do you get paid for your reviews?

A:    Not at all. I simply receive review copies from different software companies, and assess their products as objectively and fairly as possible, to the best of my ability. I do, however, accept paid ads from Bible software companies.

Q:    Why is it that a review of [name of the program goes here] is not available yet?

A:    Reviews take quite a bit of time. It is impossible to post one a decent review every week, but chances are that the program you asked for will be reviewed in due course. So, please be patient.

Q:    Why don't you support screen resolutions of 800 x 600?

A:    Well, technically speaking, users with low monitor screen resolutions can still access and navigate the site. However, everything has been optimized for resolutions of 1024 x 768 or above, which account for more than 90% of BSR's visitors.

Q:    Do you accept donations? What about paid publicity?

A:    Yes. There is a Paypal Donate button at the bottom of the main page in case you feel you'd like to help cover the cost of maintaining this website. As for paid publicity, if your company wants to put an add here at BSR, please drop me a line.

Q:    What's your policy regarding link exchanges?

A:    We do not exchange links. In reviews, articles, blog entries, and so on we link to sites as we see fit, but never as a result of a previous agreement. You are free, however, to link to Bible Software Review if you like.

Q:    Why is BSR in English and not in Spanish?

A:    I have neither the time nor the money to launch a Spanish version right now. If/when the need arises, I may reconsider it. Nevertheless, I plan on adding some reviews of Spanish programs as time allows.

Q:    Why do you use American English instead of "proper" English?

A:    It takes longer to type British English. No, seriously, I use American English most of the time, so it seemed only natural to adopt American spellings and idioms.

Q:    Are your reviews objective?

A:    No. Absolutely not. I do not claim to be objective, but I do try my best to be fair.

About the Weblog

Q:    Does your weblog offer an RSS feed?

A:    Yes, it does. Use the Subscribe to this blog's feed link you will find at the bottom of the side bar.

Q:    You did not mention anything about the release/availability of [name of the program/product goes here]. Why is that?

A:    I simply cannot use the blog to announce every single release. One has to be necessarily selective, and I try hard to strike a balance between what interests me and what I think is of general interest to the many readers of BSR. There are no hidden motives for talking about certain things and not mentioning others.

About the Forums

Q:    Why can't I access the Forums?

A:    Unfortunately, the forums have been closed until further notice.

Q:    Why are you asking people to use their real names when they sign up?

A:    Because I think it is fair on everybody else to know who stands behind what is being written. If we were introduced in real life and began to discuss Bible software related issues we would use our real names, wouldn't we? This is what the forums are meant to be, a meeting place for people with real names who can happily discuss matters of common interest.

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