Logos 4.5

Logos Bible Software has been updated to version 4.5. Read all the details of what’s new here. Notice that the notes and highlighting feature has been completely reworked.

Updated Versions Available

I haven’t got much time, so I will simply note the latest updates that have become available in the past few days. Check the links for more info.

Accordance 8.4.5

Bible Analyzer 3.9.2

Glo 1.4.0

Logos 4.0b

The Word 3.1.2


Accordance 8.4 Is Available

Following its policy of providing great free point upgrades for current version 8 users, OakTree Software has released Accordance 8.4. The most important feature is, undoubtedly, the fact that when the option Copy as Citation is used for a given selection of text  in any tool pane, the citation now includes the bibliography.

There are several options that can be set under Preferences — Bibliography. To start with, Accordance supports two widespread formats: SBL and Turabian styles, and in either case the bibliography is displayed below the citation or inserted automatically as a footnote, depending on how we set our preferences.

According to its developers, this option will be enhanced in the near future, but look here to see all it can currently do.

For a full list of changes and improvements, check out this page.


Bible Analyzer 3.8 Update

Bible Analyzer has just been updated. These are some of the new features available:

·    Book/Article Display now within main Window, with separate Window option.
·    Books/Articles can be searched as with Dictionaries and Commentaries.
·    Text to Speech Capability; can speak a selection or whole page.
·    New Audio Player with High-Quality Midi hymns.
·    Related Verse Search feature allows selection of words from entered verse.
·    A Prayer List Editor that automatically opens and saves prayer notes.
·    Can now jump to individual book hits In Search Results.
·    Can change the background color of select windows.

Check all the changes here. Also, you may want to take a look at this videotutorial explaining the new program features.


Accordance 8.3 Is Out

Here is a quick list of the improvements taken from the website:

  • Command-drag over words or verse references to see a dictionary or commentary article in the Instant Details box.
  • Customize the orientation of the Instant Details box and easily copy the information it contains.
  • Hover your mouse over most buttons, menus, and controls for Help tags. Hold down the command key while viewing a Help tag to get more detailed help.
  • View Greek and Hebrew words in the History menu.
  • Easily return to viewing all verses after a search.
  • Instantly jump to any book of the Bible.
  • Enjoy more accurate highlighting between English Bibles with key numbers and Greek and Hebrew texts.

In addition to all this, Accordance 8.3 includes a variety of other enhancements and interface improvements. It corrects minor compatibility issues with 10.6 (Snow Leopard). The Universal version (compatible with 10.3.9 and up) offers the additional advantages of automatic updating, international localization, Apple services, and more.

See the full list of dozens of new features, and download the upgrade, or use Check for Updates in the Accordance menu.

As always, keep in mind that Accordance 8.3 is a free update for current users of Accordance 8.


Bible Analyzer 3.7 Update

Bible Analyzer 3.7 is now available, and includes some nice new features. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Added a search option for Regular Expressions.
  • MiniWindow now has a drop down list of available resources.
  • Added the option to show search results as only references (on a single page).
  • Some word lists will also now display references.
  • Added two Bible quizzes in Master Control Panel.
  • Added the date, image, and Proverbs quote to ScripturePad at startup.
  • Added Module Creation Tools (Beta, in Suite Editions only).
  • Refined and enhanced Statistical Searches
  • Changed Module and User file locations (more compatible with Windows Vista)

You may want to take a look at a this videotutorial showing some of the new features, or this other one that deals specifically with the new module creation tool.