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The Word is Spreading…

I appreciate Jim Davila’s mention of my web and blog. Note that his excellent PaleoJudaica weblog is included in my list of recommended blogs.

Incidentally, these referals just come to show how visited and respected Mark Godacre’s NT Gateway and related weblog are. It is a real gem in the overwhelming – and all too often mediocre – universe of cyperspace!

Concerning Reviews and Other Matters

Torrey Seland has also posted a link to this weblog on his own blog on Philo of Alexandria. I appreciate it. He also left me a comment
which opens up an interesting discussion about what we understand by the term “Bible software.” It surely means different things to different people, but I, for one, will be using it in a rather flexible way. So, yes, we’ll be reviewing some tools that are being used successfully by general users, students, teachers, scholars and what have you, to learn/teach Biblical languages, write thesis and academic papers, etc. But, in order to do that, I will be needing your help. I am actively looking for people who are both qualified and interested in helping review some of these and other products. If you feel so inclined, please drop me a line, a comment, or whatever.

Remember, Bible Software Review can only get better and become really useful with contributions from others. I am certainly not going to do everything on my own. I have gone past the “one-man band” stage a long time ago…

By the comments and emails received in such a short time (Thank you!), I am once again reminded of something I already knew, at least theoretically. Blogs can be a tremendous source for sharing knowledge and information. So, let’s “keep the candle burning”!

It is Well…with my Blog

Beginnings are always difficult, and setting up a blog can be quite a daunting task. To the best of my knowledge, the RSS feed is working properly now. Try clicking on “Site Feed”, on the right hand side of your screen. Very neat! Archives are also working, but of course there isn’t much to archive so far. I really appreciate the comments received. Keep them coming!

Some Technicalities

Mark Goodacre (thank you Mark!) has kindly posted a link to this blog in his much appreciated weblog. He raises a couple of practical questions I had forgotten to mention.

The site can only really be viewed effectively in 1024 x 768. At present it’s still being built but most of the Links section is active. Note: it looks like the blog does not yet have an RSS feed.

I’ll make a point of adding a note to the web site stating something like “Best viewed at a 1024 x 768 or above screen resolution”. As a matter of fact I work with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 on a 17″ TTF display, and everything looks rather nice (and easy on my eyes too!). Mind you, my 12″ iBook does a pretty good job at 1024 x 768 as well, particularly if you like a large and readable font size. As for the RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication) feed, I’m working on it. I hope it will be up and running tomorrow.

And while we’re dealing with some technical issues, I guess I should point out that the character encoding for this blog is set to Universal (Unicode UTF-8). You may have to change the character set of your web browser if you want to see my name displaying the acute accents correctly (i.e., Rubén Gómez). Anyway, let me know if your browsers cannot handle either the web site or the blog reasonably well.

Launching New Site and New Blog!

Today is the day!

I finally got around to setting up a prototype of the new Bible Software Review website. Welcome everybody!

The tricky thing about html and building web sites is that you tend to forget how to do it (unless you practice on a regular basis, that is). So if you ever find yourself in that position, I can recommend W3 Schools. Lots of interesting reading there about building web sites (and quite useful too for writing blogs!).

Talking about weblogs, after a period of trial and error I’ve finally managed to start this one. You know what they say nowadays, don’t you? “I blog, therefore I am.” It is not enough to have a website, you just have to have a blog 😉 If you want to find out more about blogging, this page makes really fascinating reading. I now read a few hand-picked blogs everyday. It is better than reading the newspaper. Give it a try!

And while I continue updating Bible Software Review, this link from my homepage will give you a good, fairly good, faint idea of what will be forthcoming… (sorry folks, I couldn’t resist trying the strike through tag… :-))

Oh yeah, one final thing. Feel free to use the commenting system. Despite some unexpected delays, over which I have had no control whatsoever, it is now working. You just have to click on Comment, and comment away! I’ve added one myself as an example. Please let me hear from you!