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Rick Meyers on e-Sword HD

Rick Meyers, author of e-Sword, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions in the wake of the release of e-Sword HD for iPad. He’s extremely busy at the moment, so I doubly appreciate his willingness to make himself available to us. What follows is an unedited version of our “conversation.”

Bible Software Review: What led you to create an iOS version of e-Sword and why is it only available for iPads?

Rick Meyers:

Mobile/Tablet                          O/S Share
Market Share of iOS                  63.5%
Market Share of Android         21.0%
Market Share of Java ME            9.3%
Market Share of BlackBerry       1.8%

BSR: I can hear the voice of many Android users asking themselves, We’ll we ever see an Android version of e-Sword?

RM: MySword is pretty good and has access to all of the many user group modules.

BSR: I know quite a few people who get confused with names like e-Sword, MySword and The Sword Project. Is there any relationship between e-Sword and the other two?

RM: You forgot SwordSearcher πŸ™‚ Only our relationship we share in Christ!

BSR: e-Sword has a very large and active user base. In fact, one of its great strengths is the impressive amount of user modules available in every conceivable language. How is all this going to fit with the current “official-modules-only” approach of e-Sword HD?

RM: Version 1.0 cannot have everything!  I am currently working with Josh Bond and others to integrate the massive user group module library.

BSR: Given the fact that e-Sword has traditionally been considered freeware, how did you come to the conclusion that you were going to charge $4.99 for the iPad app? Is this a change in your philosophy as a Bible software developer?

RM: e-Sword is still free, so no change there.  Everyone who begged me to create an iPad app said they would pay for it.  So I made the large investment in development costs to create the app, thus I am holding them to their word πŸ™‚

BSR: Since Bible Software Review has a certain academic edge to it, could we expect to see any Greek and Hebrew resources soon? What about the ability to search Greek and Hebrew?

RM: I already have Greek texts working quite nicely, but there is even more that I wanted to do with the texts so I chose to hold off until the next update.

Thank you very much!



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Thanks for a great resource Rick. I and no doubt many others are more than happy to pay the small fee.

Kevin Glowe

Rick, I have used the PC version for some time now and have sent a donation before. I just downloaded the HD version and even though this is ver. 1, it think you have done a spectacular job! Very intuitive and easy to use. Keep up the awesome work, in His name and service!
God Bless

joseph Deister

I have usede sword for several years and recently aquired an android tablet. I searching for an appropriate android app. I discovered that there was none. Is it possible tuat one might be available in the future? Iknow that I forone would be more than willing to pay for it!


RubΓ©n GΓ³mez

A similar program that works well on Android devices is MySword ( Others might be able to offer more details.


I have installed and tried many android bible apps. Although many comments equate mysword’s capabilities, I find that Logos and OliveTree are far better in looks, speed and user experience than mysword. Yes, I would still prefer an e-sword android app so I could use my purchased modules with it (assumption that these would work).
God Bless

BrandyAn CoffeeMarks

Mysword in no way compares to esword. Also, I made the foolish mistake of paying mysword the alleged ” donation” of $50 with the understanding that it could be used both on my laptop and on a second device, once I got an android. Neither is true. The “extras” that I paid $50 for stopped working within six months and have never worked with my Galaxy Note 10.
I find it very disheartening whenever I get burned by a christian – small ‘c’ deliberate.

Thank God for esword even though I have to lug around my six pound Tecra to use it as both esword HD or LT seem to be for apples only. Why not all tablets? I suppose one ca’t have everthing % :).


I have used esword for many years. My children also all have it on their computers and love it. We especially like that you can parallel the different versions and search and cross reference. But since the KJV is our version of choice it is wonderful to be able to use the KJVA module for to read the Apocrypha (like the original 1611 version before it was cut down) as well. When one of my children got the first android tablet in the family we started looking for esword for android. No such luck! πŸ™ We would be gladly willing to pay for it!! We had to settle for MySword, and it was settling. We still haven’t been able to find a KJV w/ Apocrypha. MySword is good for reading and basic search, but it doesn’t compare to esword and we would rather be able to read the WHOLE Bible. Thank you though for offering esword for PC’s. It is a real blessing.


It is so frustrating waiting for an Android version of e-Sword only to hear that the version released is Apple. There are more Android users worldwide than iPhone. So it baffles me that we are told to go to another software. Having been a user of e-Sword for many years and have donated, I would not be adverse to doing the same for an Android app. I don’t want something “like” e-Sword, I want the real deal!


Just in case it is thought that I am mistaken about market share:
Hopefully, our patience will be rewarded soon with an Android version, (please). I have been using Cadre Bible for Android, which is not bad at all, I like some things about it such as chapter and verse setup. But e-Sword is my buddy!

Dominic St Pierre

I agree, market share for Android far surpasses iOS devices – however, iOS devices FAR FAR surpass Android devices in profitability. better to have the apple users pay for it, then use the code to port to android and offer it for free πŸ™‚


Yes, I still have ALL my e-sword modules and would love an android version. Not am ipad user at all! I used esword in my ministry and research often. One program worth paying for.

Shannon Nash

I use e-sword on my PC and have for yrs. Esword was invaluable in my 2 diplomas ( dip.Th & Adv. dip.Th)

With the lack of esword on android I found the Youversion bible app available. its all most would need and modern up to date and free . even for the ijunk phones πŸ™‚ if connected to net you can get the bible to read aloud in a very normal voice . Many version are available.

here’s the link

In His Service

Chris Anderson

I have used eSword on my PC for years – Literally – and love it. I’ve had an Android tablet for nearly 2 years. Rick’s Market Share data needs to be updated – Android currently leads the OS wars in tablets with over 50% of the market – so can we NOW expect to see an e-Sword for android? πŸ™‚

I have a few others, and it has already been pointed out – they ain’t no e-Sword. πŸ™‚


Hi Rick
I have been using e-sword for years. i am disappointed that i can’t get the android version, i am ready to make my donation for this development to be done. I use my esword off line most of the time you version won’t help me because i live in a country where data service is very expensive. please consider your faithfully followers. God Bless you.

Rob Gray

What would you recommend ? I want e sword for my galaxy 2 10.1 tablet. Rob


I Want esword too. But In Its Absence
i Use MySword. Got The DeluxeVersion And It Works. Very Stable. Would i Buy a esword version. Yes!


I have found the Olive Tree app is an excellent alternative. They have many free versions– some are pay. Also lots of helps.

It has split windows, back history lookup, etc. It is ajoy to use!


I also used e sword for a long time on my computer till I got an ipad. Now I have an android and looking forward to see esword on Android. RM please make it available for your friends on Android as well. We will pay for it


It’s such an amazing to see how much you want to make sure that you fulfil your assignment. The work of your hand is great and is time to receive what you have given us. We will love to have android e-sword and willing to pay some donations.


E-sword is just perfection and I would definitely love to have an android e-sword….I hope us android tablet owners don’t have to wait too long…


I echo the cry “how long?” For android. And i do think the android share is underestimated. And i would pay. And i have found mysword lacking as i want to look at several main translations and dictionaries. I have andriod phone and will have andriod tablet shortly after release of andriod esword….


I Use mysword deluxe amd it is great. It Can have up to 6 different windows open. Don’t use it on my phone. Use it on a toshiba thrive.


e sword is the Best. I donated x 2 to it when it was free and will pay when it is available for Android. If you use my sword try changing the font so you can read the Hebrew and Greek without the glitches. Well, sometimes it reads right to left and sometimes left to right in the Hebrew, but be “instant” for that. another good thing about e sword is it had the LITV for free. His Word last forever! There are still some changes I would like to see for E sword, but is anybody asking? Thanks!


The stats shown above do not match those published elsewhere. From what I’ve seen, the Android OS currently has 80% of the global market share across ALL tablet and smartphone platforms. Perhaps Rick is partial to the Apple OS for tablet and phones, or MySword is doing a sufficient enough job in the space. No need for competing when there’s no profit. Just fill the need the best you can I guess. I would like to see eSword for the Android so that my work done on the PC would show up on my phone. There’s no way on the planet that I’ll be a Apple user.

Donald Couey

I’ve been using e-sword since the first year it came out. I have made untold copies and given them out for free and have told many about e-sword. One year the Lord laid it on my heart to donate and I did $500.00. When I first began using it there where some problems with my learning curve but Rick was so gracious to help me along through a few emails. Yes there are other bible study software programs out there and I have tried quite a few of them but none can compare to e-sword. I now have an android based phone, and tablet I use when I am away from my PC. If the Lord so leads you Rick I would also like an e-sword version for these, the my sword just don’t cut it. Thank You for all that you have done and are doing in His service.

In Christ


I use e-sword on my PC and am a one time donor but would give again for a android app. Read about apple users in Genesis (Adam & Eve) and decided to stay away from that.


The E-sword live web app should be updated to include the purchased offline modules and resources. Make it mobile web friendly. The “unparalleled” live experience claim seems a bit dated at this point.


MySword seems alright, but it has some features lacking (parallel texts, etc.). I know one could donate to receive these features, but $50 seems quite excessive. Moreover, the way of receiving the full features is really inconvenient by comparison to every other paid app in the store and seems a bit strange.

In any case, it sure would be nice to have an e-Sword version for Android. One of the reasons I never buy extras for e-Sword is because these days I do much more reading on my Androids than my computer. (Much healthier to be out moving about than sitting all the time. πŸ™‚ ) Hopefully one day I’ll be able to support e-Sword through modules. πŸ™‚

Peter Rhebergen

One of the best free Bible apps for Android is And Bible:

It does not have the same interface as e-Sword and there is a bit of learning curve; but once mastered it is an invaluable too.. The resource list is also very similar to e-Sword and it is one of the few Android Bible apps that includes the ESV. I use it both on my cell phone and on my tablet and am very pleased with it. However, if e-Sword became available for Android I would jump to it in a heart-beat πŸ™‚


Today Android owns nearly 80% of the Market and still no e-Sword for Android. πŸ™

Russell rutledge

I need help now that the Lord has designed a Bible program (esword) that works I just need to find out how to download it to my tablet . thanks a million


The table he gives in the article might have been true when he started developing it but it certainly isn’t true anymore.


Android Grew 127 Percent and Reached the No. 1 Position in 2013

Worldwide sales of tablets to end users reached 195.4 million units in 2013, a 68 percent increase on 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. While sales of iOS tablets grew in the fourth quarter of 2013, iOS’s share declined to 36 percent in 2013. The tablet growth in 2013 was fueled by the low-end smaller screen tablet market, and first time buyers; this led Android to become the No. 1 tablet operating system (OS), with 62 percent of the market.

Source: Gartner (February 2014)

Donovan Fansler

I have tried Olive Tree and “Holy Bible” both crash constantly. I will give your app a whirl.


I have used eSword for several years and love it! But I also love mySword; in fact, if there was a mySword for PC I would immediately get it. Everything different takes getting accustomed to; mySword is a fantastic program and has many great resources not on eSword. Stop bashing!!


I left Apple products a few years ago, getting an Android phone and I love it. I will never go back. Now, I have just gotten an Android tablet and went looking for my favorite Bible app that I have open automatically every time I turn on my Windows 7 Pro desktop computer: e-Sword! But I couldn’t find it in the Play Store. So my search turned up this old thread. Android now OWNS the phone and tablet world. Rick, I know you are consumed with all that you do, and we are so thankful to God for you and your work. Please do get us an android version of your wonderful software program. I too would pay $5.00 for it, and more. I plan on starting Bible college in about a year or so and really will need this app then. Thanks and God bless you!


Rick, I’m in the camp of those who have donated in the past and who would gladly donate again for an Android version.

Here’s an idea for prayer/consideration: Kickstarter. Figure out how much it would cost to produce an Android version, then set up a Kickstarter project. Basic premium would be a download of the app. Next tier might be some premium content. Another perk might be a listing as a “producer” in the credits.

You would know pretty quickly how many actual donors are out here in Android-land!


The only reason I have an iPad is for e sword. In my humble opinion, my iPad Air is overpriced junk. I’d gladly pay $20 for an android version of e sword. You can double that to $40 if it has phrase highlighting. Android has approximately 80% of the worldwide market share of smart phones. Before too long, I imagine android will have the majority in tablets as well.

Katie Barbarossa

Hi Rick, not sure if you’ll see this but I thought I’d join the (growing) crowd of Android users who would be more than willing to pay for the app…. Have the phone and the tablet (some of us can’t afford Apple products) so please step forward into the Android world and help us out!! Thanks Rick!

Dennis Hood

The market share numbers have changed greatly since 2012. PC Magazine (,2817,2462582,00.asp) shows 2Q14 world-wide smart-phone market share at 84.7% for Android and 11.7% for iOS. Gartner reports ( 2013 tablet sales at 61.9% for Android and 36% for iOS. The only reason I carry an iPad is because of this one app, and if I could get it for an Android tablet I could finally move over to the platform I prefer for everything else. Thanks for all the work you put into e-Sword. It is by far the most useful Bible study tool I have found.

Karen Salguero

Like SOOOO many others, I have been an E-Sword user for years. My husband is/was a local pastor and every church we moved to, I left a copy on the office computer. I inherited my android device when my dad died 3 years ago and was thrilled with the size and ease of use (though there could always be improvements) I have led and been apart of several bible studies and loved the idea of having the resources on hand when questions came up that I couldn’t answer. It just is not comfortable having a laptop at a bible study. It’s intrusive. The tablet was the perfect size. The software was lacking. MySword does NOT compare favorable to your awesome work. I am disheartened that you chose apple to provide for instead of android. Comparing apple to android is like comparing beta to vhs. vhs was more versatile even if beta was supposedly better quality. I figure by now you are probably tired of all the requests to create an android version. So, I am asking if you know of anyone else with your love of the Word that wants to make the Word available to Android in an E-Sword type format for all of us old timers? Your contribution to spreading the Word of God and creating a more literate group of teachers and learners has been beyond awesome. Is there anyone out there able to take on the task — God willing?????

Tom Bottoms

Dear Mr. Meyers,
Well, it has all been said already, but I choose to add my voice anyway. Mr. Meyers, e-Sword is a true blessing to anyone who aspires to know the Word of God better. Your program has been an amazing tool in my preparations for Bible study groups, sermon Connect Groups, Sunday school lesson preparation, and just quick lookups for friends I have been reaching out to. Like so many Android users above have said, I too, would GLADLY pay for an Android version of e-Sword so that I can use my favorite Bible versions, commentaries, and transfer notes and such back and forth. I understand you not having time to develop this app, I really do. So here is a possible alternative: for those who pay for the modules, at least the Bible ones, allow them to download a version that will work with other apps, such as mySword. I KNOW this is possible with free version Bibles, because I have done it. For those that are interested in this aspect, there are tutorials / faq out there to assist in this endeavor. However, you cannot (legally), and should not, do this with a paid version of an e-Sword Bible, as that would be akin to copyright infringement. That, is, unless you ALLOWED it to happen Mr. Meyers. So either way, please help us honest, Christian, Android users on this mission. There are apparently many more Android users seeking e-Sword than previously thought. Again, thank you for your brilliant work on e-Sword, and really hope to see an Android version soon.

Tom Bottoms

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