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Accordance 6.7 and Accordance Widget

A new update has just been released. It addresses a number of problems with font and graphic smoothing, and it includes a great new Dashboard widget (for users of Mac OS X 10.4 or higher). This widget can easily retrieve verses from any Bible texts included in Accordance, and can be set to automatically paste it into our favorite word processor. Note, However, that Greek and Hebrew texts can only be pasted into Unicode-aware programs, which means that Word 2004 only accepts English text.

When the Auto Search and Auto Insert options of the widget are checked, any Bible reference will be automatically inserted by simply selecting it, opening the Dashboard (F12) and pressing Return or Intro. Really cool!

Accordance 6.6 Available

Contributed by guest blogger Ken Ristau

Helen Brown of OakTree Software reports:

OakTree Software Inc. announces the release Accordance Version 6.6 with beautiful smooth Quartz drawing of the text and the graphics (in OS X), as well as a few new features. The drawing of the layers on the Atlas is really lovely with true transparency for the regions. The appearance of Greek and Hebrew text is greatly enhanced. This is yet another free upgrade for users with any version of 6.
This article illustrates the improvement in appearance of the text and maps.

MacSword 1.2

A new drop of MacSword has been released. It includes a number of interesting enhancements. Two that stand out, in my opinion, are the new and greatly improved search syntax, and the ability to see different Bible versions and/or commentaries in parallel.

UPDATE (21:00 PM): I emailed the developer (Will Thimbleby) and pointed out a few bugs I had found (e.g., Strong’s searches didn’t work). He fixed the problems and posted a corrected version (1.2a). I plan to update my review of MacSword soon.

Accordance 6.5 Released

Contributed by guest blogger Ken Ristau

Oak Tree Software has just announced the release of Accordance 6.5 as well as support for the Basilisk II Emulator, which they will start to distribute. The latter seems like a decision coming on the heels of Logos and QuickVerse announcements. I wonder if it is a sign that Oak Tree is thinking about a PC version, though I doubt that.

Latest Releases for PDAs

Among the recent releases in the growing Bible software market for handhelds we can find the following titles:

GMPSoft announces the availability of a new Palm Bible Bundle (NRSV/Oxford/Images), and the Complete Jewish Bible.

Laridian has released the King James Version Bible with Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance for use with PocketBible.

OliveTree Bible Software has added the New International Version to its current offer of Bible texts.

ISA Update

Interlinear Scripture Analyzer (ISA) is currently at version 1.1.0, which includes an Old Testament Hebrew-English Interlinear. There is a new website where you can find out about this free interlinear and concordance search software. I have wanted to review ISA for some time now, but it’s still on my looooong to-do list. One interesting thing about it is that it is the only program I know of that displays the text of the Greek NT in uncial characters. I should also point out that there are downloadable PDF files available for the different books of the Bible, in case you want to take a look.