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Accordance 8.1

As usual this time of the year, Accordance has released its latest point release (8.1). The upgrade includes a more Leopard-like appearance and a good number of enhancements in diagrams and user tools — among other goodies –, as well as a new automatic update feature. Check out what’s new here.

Accordance 8.0.5 Update

Perhaps I should start by pointing you to the new features in Accordance version 8, the last major release.

Accordance 8.0.5, a point release, provides improved import of HTML files into user tools, and more options for the export of selected text. Some keyboard shortcuts have been changed: option-command-X removes selected verses from the Reference List window, and shift-command-N adds a new folder to the Library window (instead of F). As it’s usually the case with these kinds of releases, a number of obscure bugs have also been corrected. Also, since these updates are incremental, all previously reported bugs since the initial release of version 8 have been fixed.

Version 8.0.5 is available here, and it is a free upgrade to current users of version 8.0.x, whereas the working Accordance demo has also been upgraded to 8.0.5.

Online Tanach Updated

The Hebrew text of the online Westminster Leningrad Codex has been updated to version 4.10 (released July 1, 2008). This project, run by Chris Kimball, is a great contribution that is regularly updated and improved with new and helpful features.

Let me remind you that this Unicode/XML text can be downloaded for offline viewing as a 5 MB ZIP file, and that previous versions of the site (except for the most recent one) can be found here.

Streamlined Bible Widget

The latest version (2.3) of the free Logos BibleWidget for Mac now includes the ESV Bible. Besides, both the interface and functionality have been improved.

New Logos Bible Widget

Is it just me or those light pastel colors used by Logos as of late are really hard on the eyes?

Accordance 7.1

This update goes well beyond what is usually considered a “point release”, and adds some important new features. These include spell-checking, citation preferences, a character palette, and enhanced Construct window.

This upgrade is free for users currently running Accordance version 7, and installers for the different OSes can be downloaded here.

Hyper-Concordance Update

Sean Boisen’s excellent New Testament Hyper-Concordance (see original blog entry here) has been updated to version 1.2.

This is how he explains some of the enhacements:

  • The new release uses the English Standard Version text, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Crossway Bibles. In my opinion, this is the best contemporary English translation for study purposes, and i’m really happy to be able to offer it here.
  • I’ve added tabbed navigation to make it easier to find terms of interest, and cleaned up the displays.
  • There’s a new feature that displays terms according to their frequency: you can turn it off if you like, but i find it helpful in navigating a long list of terms.

Note that the old version, based on the RSV, can still be found here, but it is not longer being actively developed.

SwordSearcher 4.8

A new point release has just been made available on the website. The full list of bug fixes and enhacements is found here.

As usual, this upgrade is free for all 4.x registered users. New content, however, is only accessible when ordering an upgrade CD. The newly added materials included in the CD-ROM edition are Keil and Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary, Lightfoot’s commentary on the Gospels, Finney’s Systematic Theology, and Bounds on Prayer.

Recent Updates and Releases

I want to give you a general update on some of the version upgrades and new content releases that have taken place over the last few weeks (if you find any glaring omissions, let me know and I’ll try to add them to the list):

Accordance 6.8 –
Faster Quartz drawing of smooth text.
Improved copying of pictures.
Support for Speech in the Parsing and Table windows.
Additional keyboard shortcuts for editing text and moving the 3D map.
Upgraded Accordance Widget.

e-Sword 7.7.7 –
A new Scripture Memory tool.
The Commentary verse notes can be browsed using the new toolbar buttons.
Maximized views are maintained at next start-up.
Ctrl+Shift+C will copy the currently selected Bible verses using the formatting
defined in the Copy Verses dialog.

Galaxie Software has released the Theological Journal Library vol. 8, which includes the following Journals:
Bibliotheca Sacra (2004)
Trinity Journal (2003)
Master’s Seminary Journal (2002)
Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (2004)
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (2004)
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (2004)
Journal of Ministry and Theology (2004)
Reformation and Revival (2004)
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (2004)
Emmaus Journal (2004)
Westminster Theological Journal (1938-1948, 2004)
Bible and Spade (1972-1983) – 12 more years of back issues
Christian Apologetics Journal (1998-2000) – New Journal
Reformed Baptist Theological Review (2003) – New Journal
Faith and Mission (1984-1995) – New Journal

GMPSoft (Software With You) has released the Greek New Testament, 4th Revised Edition by the German Bible Society and the OakTree GNT Morphology that includes the lexical form and parsing information for each Greek word in the UBS4/Nestle27 Greek text, along with a brief English definition.

Laridian put out some new modules for both My Bible and PocketBible. I’m referring to Today’s New International Version, the New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition, the New Bible Dictionary, the New Dictionary of Theology, and the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology.

Logos Bible Software has released quite a few new titles too: Holladay’s A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, The New International Greek Testament Commentary (12 Volumes), The Works of Philo: Greek Text with Morphology, Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture CD-ROM, Volume 1, Critical Review of Books in Religion (1988-1998), and The Earlier Epistles of St. Paul.

MacSword 2.1.1 –
Better module popups for Tiger
Improved service function
Faster progressive Bible display
Zoom preference settings
Module editing fixes
Fixes some searching issues
Spanish localisation

OliveTree Bible Software has released the Amplified Bible, and The Complete Word Study Bible set.

QuickVerse 2006–
New Search Features (including Enhanced Word Form Search, Thesaurus Search, and Phrase Search)
New Reading Plan Features (New Reading Plans, Morning and Evening, and Parallel Bible)
New Interface Features (Enhanced Look/Feel, QuickVerse Advanced InfoWindow, QuickVerse History, Verse Selection, New Notes, Custom Bible Views)
Ability to Create Personal Books (Unlimited Books, Unlimited Topics, Organize it Your Way, Synchronize Your Books within QuickVerse, Create Hyperlinks)