Bible software has come a long way

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It is really quite amazing how much Bible software has improved in a relatively short time. Do you have any pictures of your old 5.25″ or 3.5″ floppy disks, or early CD-ROMs that you’d like to share along with a short comment? Feel free to send them along.


swordsearcher-old-version-cds swordsearcher-old-version-cds

The floppy disks (left) are SwordSearcher 2.0 for DOS. The other picture (right) is of early SwordSearcher CDs: (from left to right) SwordSearcher 95 (version 3.0), and SwordSearcher 4.0, SwordSearcher 3.3. Thanks to Brandon Staggs for sending the info (BTW, you might want to read about the history of SwordSearcher).

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