e-Sword HD for iPad

Posted by on October 15, 2012 in General, New Release, Review | 52 comments

The popular e-Sword program is now available for iPads. This first release includes a good number of the features available in the desktop edition, but only official modules can be added to the app at this time –although no Greek, Hebrew or foreign language Bibles are yet available–, and costs $4.99. The interface will look quite familiar to long-time e-Sword users.

The following video is a quick and dirty presentation of the program (make sure to watch it in HD!).



Note that the video does not show off all the features available, just a few of them.


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  1. Por lo que yo sé, e-Sword HD solamente admite módulos oficiales, y como no existen módulos oficiales del diccionario de Strong en español, solamente está disponible en inglés. Puede que las cosas cambien en futuras versiones, pero ahora mismo esta es la situación.

  2. could you please include the ilocano version? Im from the Philippines. and Ilocano is our vernacular…

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