Bible Software Shootout 2

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A new Bible Software Shootout session took place yesterday, at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)  in San Francisco, CA. I had the opportunity of following the highlights in real time via Twitter, but today you can read a fairly exhaustive analysis by fellow blogger Mark Vitalis Hoffman.

This year the focus was on applying Bible software to the classroom setting. As usual, the contenders were Logos, Accordance and Olive Tree. I was rather surprised to discover that BibleWorks was not included. In fact, last week I tweeted the following: “I wonder why BibleWorks does not participate in Bible shootout 2 at #sblaar. They have some excellent classroom tips!”

Should more articles appear on this session, I’ll try to add a link here.


Rick Mansfield’s This Lamp
Antoine RJ Wright’s Mobile Ministry Magazine

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