Accordance 9.5

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Point releases aren’t usually too exciting, but that is not the case with Accordance 9.5! This could easily have been version 10, but it is in fact a free upgrade for all current users of version 9 and above.

The full list of new features is found here. Personally, there are two features that I find particularly useful:

Dynamic Interlinear

Any morphologically tagged Bible (except LXX) or Bible with key numbers (Strong’s, revised Strong’s for NASB95 or Goodrick/Kohlenberger’s) can now be used as a traditional interlinear or a reversed interlinear on steroids (hence the use of the label “dynamic”). All the available information (original language, transliteration, parsing, syntax, other modern translations or ancient versions, and so on) can be displayed in an interlinear format. Stacking multiple tagged Bible versions becomes a great study tool for comparative studies. And the best thing about this features is that it doesn’t require any additional purchases. All tagged Bibles have now become interlinears!

Smart Amplifying from Analysis

The Analysis window has become a lot more useful and flexible with the ability to amplify directly from the search results. This means that results from searches conducted in tagged Bibles can be the springboard for further searches. Not just plain, literal searches, but “smart” searches, since the tagging (grammatical info or Strong’s number) attached to that particular result will be automatically added and searched when clicking on the Search button of the Resource palette. Again, no new or additional modules are required. It just works!

In sum, this is an excellent update that everybody should get. Really. Version 9 users have no excuse, and those who are still using earlier versions of the software should seriously considering upgrading. Upgrade prices are very competitive.

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