e-Sword 9.7.2

Posted by on October 16, 2010 in New Release | 2 comments

This popular freeware Bible software has been updated to version 9.7.2. According to the official Update Changes list, the main enhancements are as follows:

The editors have been broken out into their own view and are no longer located in the Commentary view. Also, a new Journal Notes editor has been added to the Editor view to join the Study Notes and Topic Notes!

You can now Search the Bibles and other modules using Regular Expressions (REGEX). While a bit complicated for typical use, this functionality adds powerful searching capabilities when that might be needed.

Inline notes and cross-references are now possible in Bible modules.

This is a widely used application, but in my opinion it is lagging behind other freeware Bible programs.


    1. Good release! Using REGEX very simply. So i like Bible more and more!

    2. On this moment the actual version of e-Sword is v9.9.1. Can you write anything about it?


    1. e-Sword Update | KevinPurcell.org - [...] to Ruben Gomez for the update info. Share with the [...]

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