A Review of BibleWorks 8

Posted by on February 23, 2010 in Review | 6 comments

I have finally been able to complete my review of BibleWorks 8. As I say in my concluding remarks,

BibleWorks is a must-have tool for original language exegesis and Bible translation. It is an affordable package, offering solid tools and excellent features. In my estimation there is no doubt that this is the best Bible software product of its kind for Windows.

To get the full context you will need to read the whole piece, but one of the keys is that BW has stayed true to itself, while offering the ability to work in close synergy with other programs that focus on areas BW has decided to not go into (e.g., digital libraries).


  1. I was wondering when you’d finally get around to reviewing BibleWorks and I was not disappointed. This is/was a pretty fair and objective review. Although, Bibleworks has been reviewed many times and in many ways you managed to make subject fresh by touching on features not mentioned often (if at all) in other reviews; like word lists, the integration of Louw-Nida, The Key Word in Context (KWIC)/Collocation Table, and the Related Verses (RVT) and Phrase Matching (PMT) Tools. I’ve only seen the last two spoken of on the unofficial Bibleworks blog.

    Grace and Peace
    Bk. Mitchell

  2. Thanks for the excellent and helpful review of BibleWorks 8. After using several freeware Bible search softwares in the past few months I have been researching several of the leading commercial products and am leaning towards BibleWorks 8 even more strongly than before, after reading your review. However, there are still a few things I would like to know that I cannot get from the official website. First, can I set up several Bible translations in say four or five vertical columns for comparison, and have all of them scroll downwards at the same time, so that I don’t have to fiddle with each individual slider bar to get all versions to the next verse? This feature would be helpful for my work with international students.

    Thanks again for your work on this.
    Ian Ritchie

  3. @Ian Yes, you can do that with the Parallel Versions Window. It’s very easy and works well.

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  5. Is there any chance of looking at the new features of Bibleworks 9?

    Thanks for all your posts. The one thing i’d really like to know about is whether one of the Bible Software companies is looking at a product which is accessible via the internet preferably with IP authentication.

  6. @Mark Thanks for your comment. I haven’t even upgraded myself to version 9. Besides, I am swamped with professional projects right now… As for the second question, I don’t know.

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