A Review of BibleWorks 8

I have finally been able to complete my review of BibleWorks 8. As I say in my concluding remarks,

BibleWorks is a must-have tool for original language exegesis and Bible translation. It is an affordable package, offering solid tools and excellent features. In my estimation there is no doubt that this is the best Bible software product of its kind for Windows.

To get the full context you will need to read the whole piece, but one of the keys is that BW has stayed true to itself, while offering the ability to work in close synergy with other programs that focus on areas BW has decided to not go into (e.g., digital libraries).


Pradis No More

Yes, I know I’m late to the party and this will be old hat to most of you. When Zondervan announced that they would be discontinuing their Pradis software, there were good news and bad news. Good news because Zondervan products were already available for the Mac (Accordance) and would be coming to Logos (thus no need to have yet another proprietary software just for a few titles). Bad news because Pradis 6 was a good piece of software and current users would be left in the cold.

In my review of the previous version of Pradis I already hinted at the problem of backwards compatibility and the cost of upgrading resources that had already been paid for. Now, Logos has announced a deep discount of 40% for previous users of Pradis who decide to get Zondervan’s titles in Logos format.

John Fidel has posted some interesting thoughts on this whole issue, and I tend to agree with what he says. David Lang interacts with it here. As for me, being a Pradis user myself I can feel the disappointment (fortunately I have Zondervan’s products in Accordance), and agree that even with Logos offer, to buy –yet again!– those books to be able to run them under Windows is a bit too much.

To be honest, I don’t know what I’ll do. This would be the third time I would have to pay for EBC, NIDNETT, NIDOTTE and so on (Zondervan Reference Software, Pradis and, now, Logos). This situation is far from ideal, and I would love to see Zondervan go the extra mile to ensure that faithful Pradis users are duly taken care of with more of a nominal upgrade price.