WORDsearch 9 Now Available

Published: December 8th, 2009

This new release includes some fine enhancements that will significantly improve your user experience. Here are a few of them:

- Modernized, more functional user interface
- Additional search operators and options
- Filtering boxes available in many dialogs (including Search and TOC of resources)
- Improved highlighting, with more options and flexibility
- Better linking and syncing with grouping and target windows
- Flipping through customized lists of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. with the carousel feature
- Ability to remove books from the Library or the hard drive.

For a full list of new features and video demos, check out this page.

Upgrade prices are available for former users of WORDsearch 5, 7 and 8, or you can head over to the current catalog and order one of the WORDsearch 9 libraries. All products are available for immediate download and there are Windows and Mac (running through WINE and X.11) versions.

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