Post on Biblioteca Hispana de Accordance

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, one of the reasons being that OakTree Software asked me to write a guest post on the recently released Biblioteca Hispana de Accordance for the Accordance Blog. Here is the blog article.

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Últimamente no he tenido mucho tiempo para escribir en el blog. Una de las razones es que OakTree Software me pidió que escribiera un artículo sobre la Biblioteca Hispana de Accordance para el Accordance Blog. Aquí está el artículo.


Logos 4 Videos

Logos Bible Software has a large collection of videos introducing the new features of the recently released Logos 4 software. More tutorials and videos are also available at Logos Bible Software YouTube channel.

Alongside the official screencasts, here are two more sources that I consider to be extremely helpful:

Mark Barnes, from the ephesians 4:14 blog, has posted some excellent and very informative videos which I highly recommend. They can be found on his blog, but you may prefer to check out his Vimeo page.

John Fidel, who runs the Bible Software Newsletter and Comments blog, has also contributed some great tutorials with lots of practical tips and ideas. Again, they are available on his blog or, if you like, check them out on YouTube.


Improved Social Networking

Bible Software Review is all about sharing, so I thought it would be good to try to make things easier for those of you who make use of different social networks. From now on you will find a number of icons at the bottom of each post. These will allow you to share the information you find here in some of the most commonly used online social networks. There are also buttons to email the link to the post and print or save as PDF the post itself.

On the right hand side column, under Social Network, you’ll find a new button that will take you to my Twitter page. There I share news that not always make it to the blog, as well as some personal thoughts here and there. It’s a good way to keep updated on the latest developments in the Bible software scene and interact with other users and developers.

I hope you find these little enhancements useful. As always, I’m open to your suggestions and very much value your feedback. Thanks!


Bible Software in Action

The proof of the cake is in the eating, right? Right. Similarly, Bible software is certainly at its best when one can actually see its many practical applications. Here are some samples you may want to look at.

Mike Heiser explains some of the kinds of searches that can be performed with Logos’ syntactical databases. A few of the examples are geared towards scholars, while others are suited for more general uses. There are also short videos on how the searches were carried out.

David Lang points to a practical use of the INFER command in Accordance. He includes a download link to Robert Marineau’s paper presented at the past ETS meeting held in New Orleans, LA.

Rick Bennet, talks about how to use Accordance to search for nomina sacra in early papyri, and Tommy Wasserman, over at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, shares his own experience in conducting searches like these.

Glenn Weaver, in one of his excellent Classroom Tips, shows how to search for Hebrew weak verbs with BibleWorks. You may recall that this was one of the challenges posed at the SBL Bible software shootout session.


WORDsearch 9 Now Available

This new release includes some fine enhancements that will significantly improve your user experience. Here are a few of them:

- Modernized, more functional user interface
- Additional search operators and options
- Filtering boxes available in many dialogs (including Search and TOC of resources)
- Improved highlighting, with more options and flexibility
- Better linking and syncing with grouping and target windows
- Flipping through customized lists of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. with the carousel feature
- Ability to remove books from the Library or the hard drive.

For a full list of new features and video demos, check out this page.

Upgrade prices are available for former users of WORDsearch 5, 7 and 8, or you can head over to the current catalog and order one of the WORDsearch 9 libraries. All products are available for immediate download and there are Windows and Mac (running through WINE and X.11) versions.