e-Sword 9 Release

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Version 9 of the popular freeware program e-Sword is now available. This is a major new release, that includes a completely different database format for the different resources. This means that it is not backward compatible, and cannot be installed on the same hard disk drive with previous versions of the program.

At the bottom of the Extras section there is a conversion utility that can be used to update earlier user-created modules to the new version 9 format.

This is the official list of new features:

The Bible Search feature now allows the ability to perform case-sensitive searches.

The multi-row tabs are now locked in place, so no more moving targets!

A new Bible book browser has been implemented and is no longer docked to the side of the program. Press the F2 key to display the Lookup Scripture Reference dialog next to the mouse pointer wherever it is located, or access it from the main toolbar with the button next to the “Lookup” combobox.

Study Notes can be made on any verse in the Bible, now including the Orthodox Apocrypha and the Catholic Deuterocanon.

You can now Export the Study Notes and Topic Notes in HTML, Word DOC and Adobe PDF file formats, in addition to the previous plain text and Rich Text formats.

You can now Import both HTML and Word DOC files directly into the Study Notes and Topic Notes.

The Print Preview feature has been updated, and now all printing is performed through it.

Highlighting custom colors are now saved for use between sessions.

Localization of the e-Sword user interface continues with the implementation of fully Unicode compliant controls.


    1. Wow! The traffic to download caused local hospitals problems, so Rick has stopped the availability for awhile. Look forward to getting it.

    2. It’s a pity that he does not plan a version for the Mac. I wish he would reconsider. In the past Mac was a minor player, but the times, they are a changin’.

    3. Includes Apocrypha and the Catholic Deuterocanon? What’s up with that? Those are NOT part of the Bible. What’s next? The Koran? I pray Rick repents. His ministry has been a great blessing, but I hope he doesn’t start believing the road to Heaven is wide when Jesus said it is a narrow road that leads to Heaven.

    4. Kevin you can download it at Bothersoft.com and Torrentreactor.net.

      Ken the e-Sword software is a study platform and the Apocrypha has at least some historical value to it. Keep in mine that the King James 1611 version included the Apocrypha. There is all kinds of materials you can add into e-Sword that is “NOT part of the Bible”.

    5. thanks for the torrent links. I just sent a request to Rick asking if we can have a real official torrent.
      makes a great way to help us share in the bandwidth needs Rick has.

      And i don’t have any issue ‘Non-canonized” material being made available.
      and please flame me for this one I personally would have no objection to the Koran as a module. if you are discussing the difference in the Bible and Koran with a Muslim it is helpful to be able to show the fallacies in the Koran. and i would also not have an issue with the book of Mormon, D.C and peal of great price for the same purpose. As far as i know the crazy money programs have the resources like ascend and logos.
      as for the mac version, I may be mistaken but i think that rick develops in Visual Basic and that would preclude and easy transition to mac. also the database engine might tied to windows.

    6. Okay guys, I think the whole issue about Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical works, as well as non-biblical resources, is getting off topic. From now on, please make sure your comments stick to the subject matter. Thank you!

    7. it looks like the download is back up for the installer.

    8. I’m so glad to see the Apocrapha and Catholic Deuterocanon available. The Apocrypha were actually part of the original King James Bible, and removed later. They are useful for study, as are the Deuterocanon. In order to study scripture, sometimes one must glean pearls from other sources.

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