A BibleWorks 8 Review

Just recently I got my copy of BibleWorks 8, and I hope to be able to review it one of these days. Meanwhile, there is a three-part review over at Scripture Zealot, starting here and following here and here, that may be worth your while.


KoineWorks Diagramming

Lexel Software is making its interactive tutorial software for diagramming Greek freely available. Both the program and the Intermediate Diagramming Guide (PDF) can be downloaded here. If you are into diagramming Greek, or would like to start diagramming, you will most certainly want to check it out.


Accordance goes Multilanguage!

The Universal Binary version of Accordance 8.2 is now available in English, German and Spanish (see screenshot below). The language displayed depends on the primary System language selected on your Mac.

As always, this is a free update for current users of version 8.

* * * * *

La nueva versión binario univesal de Accordance 8.2 está disponible en inglés, alemán y español (véase la captura de pantalla que aparece más abajo). El idioma del programa dependerá del idioma principal seleccionado en las Preferencias del Sistema del Mac.

Como siempre, se trata de una actualización gratuita para quienes ya sean usuarios de la versión 8.