Group Texting Service from Laridian

Laridian Bible Software has launched a group texting service for churches and other organizations, called I personally don’t use text messaging a lot — in fact, I am quite reluctant to use my cell phone — but in today’s society this kind of service makes reaching a group of people of any size very convenient. So, if you are into SMS you may want to take a look.

If you decide you want to purchase three months of service, use Pirority Code 3WITH3 when ordering and you will get three additional months for free.


Bible Analyzer Update

Bible Analyzer 3.6.2 has been released. It includes a good number of enhancements, many of which I suggested in this review. I’m glad to see that the developer, Tim Morton, is so keen on improving an already excellent freeware program. If you want to know a little bit about the new features, check out this video tutorial — or even better, download the application and try it.


CCMag’s Software Reviews

Kevin Purcell, who runs the Christ-Tech blog, has written two reviews for Christian Computing Magazine this year. In January he dealt with QuickVerse 2009 (Deluxe Edition) — PDF download –, whereas this month he reviews BibleWorks 8 (PDF download). Do check it out.


Software Contests

I’m sorry I overlooked this due to my extremely busy schedule. I have a backlog of blog entries and I’ll try to catch up in the next few days.

Accordance is running a search challenge and the deadline is today (again, I apologize for such short notice!). Prize for the winners is a $30 credit toward the next Accordance purchase.

Logos, on the other hand, is also running a photo contest (deadline is March 1). In this case, the prize for the 5 winners is a $100 unlock credit.


GnomeSword Is Now Xiphos

GnomeSword has been updated, and in the process got its name changed to Xiphos. But the main difference is that it has been ported to Windows.

The new website explains it thus:

Xiphos (formerly known as GnomeSword) is a Bible study tool written for Linux, UNIX, and Windows under the GNOME toolkit, offering a rich and featureful environment for reading, study, and research using modules from The SWORD Project and elsewhere. It is open-source software, and available free-of-charge to all.