Criteria for Evaluating Software – II

Published: September 10th, 2008

In my first post on this subject we saw that there are many different ways to approach the task of reviewing Bible software. Things that are important to some are almost overlooked by others, and this is legitimate. We come from different backgrounds and have different readers in mind. There is, however, almost unanimity in the fact that reviews cannot be taken lightly, and that they do pose many challenges and give more than one headache.

Bible Software Review started as a service to the wide community of power users, students, pastors, missionaries, Bible translators, professors and scholars who are regularly involved in a rigorous and academic study of the Scriptures and related secondary literature. This is still the main focus. As I think I’ve said before, I like to think of myself as a biblioblogger who does reviews.

Over the years, however, BSR has become quite well-known and more and more people have joined the ranks of those who visit the site looking for advice on all kinds of questions related to Bible software. Most of them are general users who want to learn more and enjoy the opportunity to interact with the latest news and developments that are taking place in the ever-growing Bible software industry. Others are newbies who want to find their way in the middle of what is rapidly becoming a rather confusing and fragmented field.

While there are other websites that tend to offer reviews and info on a wide range of general purpose Bible software applications (many of them freeware or shareware) — and some do it quite well –, I have decided to include a new section here at BSR where these programs will also be covered. These are not going to be full-blown reviews, but will present each product and try to assess their relative merits and shortcomings. To distinguish them from the other packages, these sort of “First Impressions” section will be hosted here at the blog, and will be accessible via the tabs that appear at the top of the BSR banner.

You should see more tabs in the coming weeks, but for the time being I have posted a whole new section with general remarks on writing Bible software reviews and the review policy I follow. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful, and as I try to recruit other people to contribute regularly to the site, let’s hope that many more exciting features can be implemented soon. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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