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Further to my previous post, Jerry Foster has recently updated (or should I say “upgraded”) his page on Bible Software. The blog entry, where he announced the availability of this new review, has elicited quite a few comments and lively discussions. This time he has taken on the task of comparing, side-by-side, up to 13 different Bible software packages. He says it took him six months to complete it.

I should point out that this is no longer an overview of free or inexpensive Bible software. In fact, many are commercial programs. Besides, when reviewing these applications he has in mind “a lay person who is interested in Bible software for personal study and teaching, yet does not have extra time or money.”

Jerry does a good job at clarifying where he comes from and what the goal and methodology of his general review are. He states the obvious by saying that at the end of the day those are his opinions, and should be taken as such. It may be obvious, but reviewers and readers alike should be mindful of this fact more often, particularly so when it comes to reading comparative reviews. Subjectivity is an inherent part of reviewing, although I’d like to think that it is an “informed” subjectivity.

Another interesting confession he makes is that no matter what, you’ll make somebody angry when you write a software review. How I sympathize with that!

I often get asked about general reviews. There you have one. It is not exhaustive, despite the claim that it is “a full review on every single Bible software package available, with a couple noted exceptions.” There are quite a few exceptions, simply because there are so many programs around nowadays, and it is Windows-only, but it is a good starting point to get a feel for some of the options available for PC users.

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  1. Thanks for blog mention.

    You are exactly right – I had no idea how many Bible software packages I didn’t know about until I published the reviews and everyone let me know!

    So I’ve got another 7 or 8 packages in the stable ready to be reviewed and added to my list. Hopefully it won’t take another six months to complete that. And I’ll probably change the “…every single Bible software package available…” wording while I’m at it. :)

    God bless.

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