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As I said in a previous post, Facebook, the popular social networking website, is a good place to keep in touch with like-minded people. I just realized there is even a new group for Bible Bloggers (thanks to Kevin A. Wilson for the heads-up). Bibliobloggers of the world, unite! ;-)

Just looking around for a few minutes I found out that there are a number of groups centered around Bible software programs. These are the ones I could spot with more than 3 members at the time of writing this post:

BibleWorks — The official group.

Logos Bible Software Users — This is also an official group. Then there are others like Students using Logos Libronix Bible Software and, for Spanish users, Usuarios de Logos (Libronix).

WORDsearch Bible Software

e-Sword: Free Bible Software


The Word

Christian Freeware and Open Source Software

christian linux users

If you know of any other groups that could be of interest, feel free to leave a comment pointing out the Facebook address where they can be found. Thank you!

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  1. Welcome back to active blogdom!

    There is also an Accordance Bible Software group on Facebook.

  2. Thank you, Arne. Yes, there is, and that is why I wrote this blog post explaining all about it. Remember that the Search button, on the upper right corner, just below the BSR banner, is your friend ;-)

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