Back to the Source — The Movie

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ScriptureDirect is not only an exciting new Bible software program, but also an innovative tool. iLumina paved the way for a whole new concept of user interface which brought together different multimedia elements into one single package (a la Encyclopaedia Britannica), but now ScriptureDirect has produced a 27-minute 3D animation movie called Back to the Source, where the term multimedia takes on a whole new meaning.

Rather than simply developing a professional and flashy ad to sell the product (only the last 4 minutes of the movie actually advertize the benefits of using ScriptureDirect), they have created a most interesting short movie explaining in very visual, entertaining and clear (albeit colloquial) language the “four keys” to biblical interpretation. While the plot unravels and Phil Davidson, a private investigator wearing Indiana Jones‘ hat and carrying around Luke Skywalker‘s binoculars, is out on his search for a treasure locked away by four keys, we are exposed to such important concepts as historical and literary context, original language and semantic discourse analysis. Even the typical New Testament exegetical workflow is laid out before us (i.e., divide the passage in smaller units, translate Greek into English, mark the significant meaning indicators, establish the meaning structure, and draw conclusions & make a summary).

This engaging story can be viewed online or downloaded, and it is particularly suited to introduce the work of exegesis to general audiences. I would say it will leave no one indifferent, and if you like Sci-Fi movies you will notice certain influences from titles like Minority Report or The Matrix.

One final comment, if you are a purist or think that exegesis has to be boring in order to remain a truly academic enterprise, don’t watch it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :-)

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