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My list of Bloglines clippings is becoming far too long and unmanageable. I clip things for a variety of reasons. Basically because I want to blog about certain posts I’ve read, or simply because I intend to go back and reread an entry when I have more time. Problem is that I never seem to “have more time,” so the list grows and grows until it defeats its original purpose. I still keep clippings going back to 2004!

In light of all this I’ve decided to post lists of sometimes unrelated bits and pieces that have called my attention. Under the original title of “Collection of Clippings” I will be sharing every now and again links and short news that you may find worth pursuing. I’ll do my best and try to group them around some common themes. Here’s the first installment for you.

One of the things I like to see is how Bible software users actually use these tools as part of their daily devotional, study, research or teaching routine, and also how they manage to find solutions for the cross-platform issues that very frequently arise.

Thomas Keene talks about how to run BibleWorks 7 on Linux with Wine. It sort of runs, if you can live without the toolbar (there are other ways to access the program features and tools) and some pesky problem with the numerous .chm files available (Microsoft compiled HTML help files).

Mark Barnes explains how he prepares a sermon with the help of a custom Logos Bible Software workspace. Don’t miss the couple of screencasts included in the post if you happen to be a Logos user.

Tim Bulkeley shares a screencast he did to show students how to use e-Sword like an English/Hebrew concordance to see how the Hebrew term helper/help in Gen 2:18 (Strong’s number H5828) is used in the Old Testament.

This Accordance forums thread on the default Accordance layout provides many useful ideas on how to organize the program based on different uses and tastes.

There is an excellent series of video tutorials by Michael Heiser on how to use the Andersen-Forbes resources available in Libronix here, here and here. I have been following them with interest, given the potential (and also complexity) of these tools. Update (August 21): Add this one to the list.

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  1. Hi Ruben: Thanks for the blog post. The link to Mike Barnes sermon preparation using Logos was very helpful. I’m helping my brother train some French pastors in Quebec in using Logos and I’ll probably use his screencast next time I go to show them how to set up a Workspace for Bible study.

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