Exact Biblical Reference Searches in Accordance

The June 2007 issue of the Biblical Studies Bulletin includes a “review” (read “extremely short kind of review”) of New International Greek Testament Commentaries released in Accordance Bible Software format. At one point, the reviewer (Michael B. Thompson?) says,

In addition to English text you can search for Greek and Hebrew words across the set, as well as for manuscripts (e.g. p46) and of course, biblical references. The biblical reference search casts a wide net; looking for Mark 3.5 brings up its occurrences within a range (e.g. Mark 2.1-3.6).

In fact there is a tip I learned a long time ago that allows users to find the exact biblical reference. So, if we wanted to locate Mark 3.5 only, we could use the following search syntax: Mark 3:5 〈NOT〉 〈WITHIN 1 Words〉 (Mark 3:4 〈OR〉 Mark 3:6). This will prevent Accordance from finding any instances where Mark 3:5 is part of a range.

Hope this helps!