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Zondervan Software offers a free download of the latest Pradis 6.0, as well as electronic books via download. All you need to do is visit this site and register. Once you have created your personal account, you can download up to $25 worth of electronic books (use code AVZCS8 at checkout) for free. Obviously, you can buy any number of books and build your own custom-made electronic library, but you will receive a $25 credit regardless of your sum total. At the end of the process you will be directed to your personal download link. Click on that link to get your book(s) and the program.

I downloaded the third edition of “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” and “Today’s New International Version” for just under $25, ran the executable and got my copy of Pradis 6 up and running in no time. The good thing is that all my previous modules from versions 5 and 5.1 are fully compatible.

Keep in mind that this offer is good through September 17, 2007 (thanks to Michael White, of Rejoice Christian Software, for the heads-up).

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  1. I have downloaded a free copy of Pradis 6 hoping I could use it with my safeware which is already purchased and registered called “The Expositors Bible Commentary. Both are visible but cannot get them to link. Each works independantly so what do I need to do?

    Your assistance woiuld be much appreciated or directions on where to go. I am a missionary priest in China (Macau). Look forward to your response. The version 5 is OK but the Pradis 6 looks more user friendly. Is the version 8 worth buying? Thanks Judy

  2. I don’t have Pradis 6 installed on my computer at the moment, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help right now. If your version of “The Expositor’s Bible Commentary” is old, it might not be compatible, but I can’t tell you for sure. As for “version 8,” there isn’t such a version of Pradis, as far as I know.

    For more reliable information you should really try to get in touch with Zondervan’s tech support. Failing than, I assume Michael (of Rejoice Christian Software) would be in a position to offer you some advice. Hope this helps.

  3. To get your Pradis 5 books to become visible in Pradis 6, you must copy the contents of the Pradis 5 “Books” folder (located under C:\Program Files\Zondervan\Pradis) to the new location that Pradis 6 is looking at (C:\Program Files\Pradis6\Books). After you have copied all of the .zdb files to their new location, restart Pradis 6 and your library will be available. Then you can uninstall Pradis 5 and do all of your work in Pradis 6.

  4. i want to have an electronic pradis bible download on my laptop. how do i get it?

  5. the above code is not valid. i tryed it 3 times, and it didnt work.

  6. Of course it isn’t. Look at the date. The offer expired a long time ago!

  7. I have Padis 5.0 My question is: can I link Pradis 5.0 with Pradis 6.0? do i need your permission or what can I do?. I saw Pradis 6.0 and it is nice shapep screen.

  8. I have nothing to do with Pradis. I was simply passing on the information. For any questions, you should get in touch with Zondervan’s tech support.

  9. It is so wonderful I bought pradis 5 maybe three years ago and gave it to the pastor

  10. I guess everyone here saw Zondervan’s announcement that they are no longer going to be publishing Pradis after the middle of 2010.

  11. Yes, I guess most people will know by now. Here is the latest.

  12. I have Pradis 5/0 leaders edition, but it woill not install on my new computer and the new soft ware. What will I do. Jack

  13. I need a copy of the latest Pradis Bible Program.

  14. I bought a single disc about 10 or 12 years ago from Zondervan with the Pradis of that time and I went gaga over the amount of info on it. At some point I lost the disc, but not before adding it to my old computer which I recently had to replace after it crashed; along with so many documents it makes me sick to this day when I think about it. Thankfully, I had backed up my most valuable info on one of those little 2g storage gadgets you can wear around your neck for home/office use. Now my problem is the factory programs only come on Microsoft Word, whereas my backup gadget and its infor is all on Microsoft Works. Does anyone out there know how I can resolve that problems. In the interim I have been reading all the info offered by the up to date Pradis. Do I have to download ALL of these things, or do they all come inclusive to the one download? I am strictly a user here, and I have very little to NO knowledge about How To do anything beyond typing; technology is killing me. I miss my Works format so much with all my documents on it, especially the Pradis version I had. Helllllppppp!!!!!

  15. As a tag on to my just sent comments, I do NOT have my new printer hooked up yet (with FAX). Please send your responses to . Thank you.

  16. I would like to have the commentaries of the bible and different versions of the bible, can you please help me have them

  17. I’m very happy listen about Pradis 6.0. but i’m sad , because this program can’t i get free. because i no have money ;-( ……..can you give me free ???????

  18. Thanks so very much for this bible software,it makes work easy and the word accessible to many people And especially the unreached are now reachable in a faster way than before.

  19. I lost Pradis and I am glad I’ve found it again via internet. It has been very helpful in my ministry. God bless Pradis team

  20. Pls send me a cop of Pradis 6.0

  21. I purchased Expositor’s Bible Commentary 5.0 a few years. It had some glitches and you generously sent out a 5.5 disc to upgrade Expositor’s 5.0 for free. Unfortunately, in moving and changing computers I lost the upgrade. Is there any chance of sending me another upgrade for free or for a modest cost?
    Jerry Powers

  22. Jerry, I think you’ll want to contact Zondervan about this rather than this blog. By the way, I left out your address and phone number. You don’t want to make that public :-)

  23. I had Pradis in my office but since i changed offices i request to have it in my new office. The bible is my manual for life and reading and acting on it makes all the difference in my life. Thank you for Pradis.

  24. I need afree copyof pradis because i want to have in my laptop

  25. Pradis is just wonderful. I need a free copy in my laptop. It will help me in my ministry.

  26. I had access to Pradis Software- Disc, but my computer collapsed and i lost a disc. How can get a copy of either a disc of software to downloa. It was really a blessing o me. I just goggled the name pradis hoping to find a sight for download.

  27. Hope you can help. I have Pradis 6 along with several books on my old laptop and have been trying to get it on my new tablet. Like everyone else, I cannot find a download or cd copy anywhere. I’d be willing to buy another copy if needed.
    Thanks again.

  28. I have used an earlier version of Pradis before and it is a good programme. When I saw Pradis 6.0 version I am interested.

  29. I was using Pradis software but new I lost it form my computer. Please can I get a copy of the latest version. I was a blessing to me and help me in daily bible study.

  30. I have pradis disc and i tried several times to install to my mac computer and its not supported. Are there any type that are supported in apples computers? Assist thanks.

  31. I had a pradis software but I lost when my computer was corrupted. Can I please get the latest version to help me in my daily ministry.

  32. May God bless you for the knowledge of bible to the world people’s life are changing

  33. Thanks.

  34. I was once have my pradis software, but unfortunately lost it when my computer was corrupted. Would you kindly get me the latest version to assist me in God’s ministry am serving in.

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