OliveTree Launches “Learning Center”

Users of OliveTree’s BibleReader software will be glad to know that they can now access a Learning Center that allows them to acquaint themselves with the program at a deeper level. This learning “hub” contains video tours, article on available resources and features, user’s manuals and selected blog entries that focus on the use of the program. As one would expect, the stated purpose is to learn how to get the most out of BibleReader.

I should also mention that on top of the regular study collections currently available, OliveTree is now offering the possibility of putting together a customized software bundle, adapted to the users’ particular needs, at a discounted price.


PocketBible for Windows

As a follow-up to my previous entry, I can now announce that PocketBible for Windows is already available. See full press release here.

Synchronization of notes, bookmarks and highlights between the desktop edition and the different mobile versions (PocketBible for Pocket PC/Smartphone and MyBible for Palm OS) will be possible shortly, as soon as the PDA-based programs are updated.


Free Copy of Pradis 6.0

Zondervan Software offers a free download of the latest Pradis 6.0, as well as electronic books via download. All you need to do is visit this site and register. Once you have created your personal account, you can download up to $25 worth of electronic books (use code AVZCS8 at checkout) for free. Obviously, you can buy any number of books and build your own custom-made electronic library, but you will receive a $25 credit regardless of your sum total. At the end of the process you will be directed to your personal download link. Click on that link to get your book(s) and the program.

I downloaded the third edition of “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” and “Today’s New International Version” for just under $25, ran the executable and got my copy of Pradis 6 up and running in no time. The good thing is that all my previous modules from versions 5 and 5.1 are fully compatible.

Keep in mind that this offer is good through September 17, 2007 (thanks to Michael White, of Rejoice Christian Software, for the heads-up).


PocketBible Coming to Your Desktop

Yes, it’s official now. PocketBible will be released as a Windows Bible software product before too long. You can read all about it here.

In Craig Rairdin‘s words,

We have a couple of goals with PocketBible for Windows. First, we wanted it to be “home base” for your mobile Bible software. We wanted to eliminate the need to separately back up your notes, highlights, and bookmarks by providing a way that these could be automatically copied to your desktop PC. Once there, PocketBible for Windows lets you view, edit, and create new notes, highlights, and bookmarks which are automatically re-synchronized with your mobile device.

And again,

Our second goal for PocketBible for Windows was to create a great Bible program in the spirit of the original versions of QuickVerse we all worked on back at Parsons Technology. Many of you have written to me over the years to say that QuickVerse 4.0 was “as good as it gets”. We agree. Up until we started working on our own desktop Bible software most of us here used QV4 for our Bible study and lesson preparation needs.

It’s hard to identify what made QuickVerse 4.0 so great, but near the top of the list has to be speed and ease of use. What it did, it did quickly and it did well.

This could prove to be one of the highlights of the year!