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Pictorial Library of Bible Lands Review

I have posted a review of The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands. Please take a look. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I have enjoyed using it!

You may notice that the overall rating is rather low, despite the fact that I think very highly of Todd Bolen’s pictures. The reason is that the rating is automatically calculated and based on the features present in most Bible software products. Since this is not a Bible program as such, and there are a few N/A (not applicable) categories, the average rating achieved is a bit poor. But don't let you this fool you. I am very impressed with PLBL and I can warmly recommend it!

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tim bulkeley:

No worries (as we say down here) glad to help, I've found such comments often really useful, so I'm glad to do some paying back of the "debt"!

Thanks for the suggestions, Tim. In fact, I've talked to my son (who wrote the php code), and he will implement this change, so that each program is given a "fair" overall rating based on its own merits.

tim bulkeley:

Maybe you could change the calculation so that n/a was "counted" as the average score, at least where it means "this category is not appropriate" rather than "this software fails to include this desirable feature".

I really like Todd's images, we got them on DVD which is even more convenient! Plus he has a fine blog, and seems to be a great guy!

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