Grammatical Highlight in Bible Software With You

GMPSoft has released Bible Software With You version 7.23

This new version includes some major enhancements that will be specially appreciated by Greek students.

GMPSoft now offers the standard Greek text of UBS4 with the morphological database developed by OakTree Software (makers of Accordance Bible Software). This is all part of the new Bible Bundle (Greek UBS4). Note that the Greek text is not searchable yet, but all the parsing and lexical information, as well as the English glosses for each NT word are available as a hyperlink.

One recent highlighting feature includes the ability to have all/any grammatical information appear with a different highlight color, background color or underline style whenever the UBS4 text is displayed. A detailed flash demo can be found here.

Version 7 is offered as a free update for users who already own a previous version of the program. It is particularly recommended for those who need to have a morphological version of the GNT on their PDA, but there are other enhancements in the area of bookmarking/highlighting that greatly improve the general value of a very nicely designed product.

I have updated my previous review with some comments on the new features.


Interviews with Bob Pritchett

A series of interviews with Bob Pritchett, President & CEO of Logos Bible Software, have been posted on the company’s blog over the past few weeks. I don’t know if the series is over yet, but it is an interesting and relaxed conversation in which Bob tells the story of Logos and talks about some of the distinct features of this well-known Bible software company.

Here is a recap of what has been made available so far (in chronological order):
The Early Years
Growing the Logos Vision
Company in Transition
Creating a Digital Library
Innovation at Logos
Looking Forward

I think this interview (split into different parts) is a good way to get to know more about the man and the company, as well as the philosophy behind their flagship product, Libronix Digital Library System. The movies are in Windows Media format, but can be played on either a PC or a Mac.

PS. Personally, I would prefer to watch a single movie rather than twelve or more 1-2 minute segments, but maybe it’s just me… I’m sure those on dial-up will prefer it this way.