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Published: January 2nd, 2007

Contributed by guest blogger John Fidel

Most of you are probably aware that the Bible study programs you use, whether commercial, shareware, or free probably provide a feature that allows you to create your own content and use it as you would the other resources with the program. These are great tools for incorporating your own sermons and illustrations as a resource in the program that you use.

Along with personal sermons and illustrations, some users have taken public domain content and made those resources available as a free download for other users of those programs. Much of the content available on websites such as the Christian Classics Ethereal Library is also now available for use in many Bible Study programs. Here are some places to look for these resources:

Accordance: Accordance Exchange has about 23 user tools available. A few highlights include an English translation of the Qu’ran, Piper on Translations, and A.W. Tozer’s Pursuit of God. The last post to this site was back in 2004. In addition to user tools you will find some other resources such as diagrams and saved windows.

BibleWorks: BibleWorks has a few user sites with user created resources that are consolidated at the User Created BibleWorks Files page. You will find many additional English, Greek, and Hebrew resources that can be incorporated into the BibleWorks program. Works such as “Legends of the Jews”, the Gospel of Mark in Gothic, many classical Greek texts are available along with Graphical Search Engine files, synopsis files, diagrams and vocabulary files. The content is updated often.

e-Sword: In addition to the extensive free resources available by e-Sword, they have a User Modules link that includes several other public domain content from John Gill, John Bunyan and others. There is also some Bible Atlas Maps and commentaries by Lightfoot.

Logos/Libronix: Logos has a very active user group that includes several websites and blogs. By far the most active is Truth is Still Truth that includes over 400 and growing additional resources. A few highlights include the works of F. B. Meyer; John Newton, B.B Warfield, Abraham Kuyper, Louis Berkhof and many more. The content is updated almost daily.

PC Study Bible: Biblesoft sponsors a free exchange website that contains 138 resources. The most recent post is 2005. Highlights include works by Finney, Boettner, Luther, and Fenelon.

WordSearch: WORDsearch has built into their program a link to discussion groups and community documents. The community documents section has over 1000 resources available for download and integration into the program. Highlights include resources by B.B. Warfield, Harry Ironside, A.T. Roberts, F. F. Bruce and many others.

Bible study should be about developing a closer relationship to God. Many of these resources available can assist you in that goal. Never before have we had so much available to us with the click of a mouse. My prayer is that we would be good stewards over the abundance we have been provided and use these resources to grow in our knowledge of and service for Him.

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  1. 1. Angie Compton
    February 15th, 2007 at 1:59 am

    I saw your entry on “User Created Resources” and I wanted to share with
    you a Bible Study that I wrote with e-Sword. I have placed the topic
    files that I created out on this site so that people can download them
    freely to use within e-Sword. The site is:

    I hope to share this study with as many people as I can. It is so easy
    now to study the Bible and studying it with a computer makes all the

    Angie Compton

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