Interactive Satellite Map of the Holy Land

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Thanks to Todd Bolen’s excellent BiblePlaces Blog I learned about the Interactive Satellite Map of the Holy Land. The 30MB download of this nice piece of freeware put together by B. G. Galbraith is well worth your while. It installs effortlessly on your hard drive and provides you with a fully zoom-able satellite map of the Holy Land, with complete notes, Bible references and photos of 135 of the most important sites. All of this without leaving the familiar environment of your web browser.

For example, let’s say you focus on a particular area of the map:

and this is what happens when you click on Jabbok River:

The information on the Biblical sites is drawn from various sources, like Easton’s Bible Dictionary or Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, and the Bible text is derived from the King James Version (software provided by John Hurt), whereas the photographs are courtesy of You can find more detailed info here.

Incidentally, I am currently reviewing Todd’s Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, and I am really enjoying it! Although he does a great job promoting it already (click on the link only if you have a broadband connection!)…

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