Spam in Forums and Blog Comments

Published: September 2nd, 2006

Forum spam and blog spam are on the rise. Ideally, we would all like to keep spammers out of our virtual life, but absolute protection is impossible if you want to have some degree of feedback from your readers and interact with them. For instance, it would be very easy to put all comments on moderation, or force everyone to register and get approved before posting a comment or participating in a forum thread, but since I don’t want to do that at this point (at least not right now), I have to spend some time every single day cleaning up the forum and some blog comments, which is quite unfortunate.

Receiving lots of spam emails every day is a real pain, but getting spam in forums and blog comments si simply nauseating. I really hate it, and since I don’t read any of those messages – be it emails, forum threads and/or registrations, or blog comments -, please be sure to use a real name and a meaningful subject line, or else your post will be immediately and unmercifully trashed.

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