Accordance New Library Releases

The updated Scholar’s 7, Library 7, Bible Unlock and Bible Reference CD-ROMs have just been released. They include quite a bit of new content (as much as 37 new titles), available in a variety of levels.

More info is available at the official Accordance blog.


QuickVerse 2007

The latest version of QuicVerse for Windows is now available. New content has been added, but the most important thing seems to be its new features and enhancements. Among them are the ability to save and recall searches, web dictionary support, integrated PDF, Web pages and RSS, the ability to create user books, new reading plans, and enhancements to the Parallel Verse View and synchronization.


I’m Back. Well, Sort of…

I really meant this Summer blogging break to be a lot shorter, but things don’t always go as planned, do they? At least I’ve had some time to reflect on my blogging activities. There are some things I’ll have to change in my daily routine from now on. I am too busy, and that is a problem. BSR demands an amount of time and energy that I simply do not have right now. I’m still unsure as to what my next step will be, but I’ll let you all know in due course. In the meantime, I’ll try to post as frequently as possible.