Ratings in Reviews

Published: July 10th, 2006

One of the improvements recently introduced consists in rating different aspects of the programs under review (see this one, for example — which I happened to update this morning).

Reviewers are asked to evaluate key areas, following a simple scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). These, in turn, are automatically translated into an overall mark (this time on a scale of 1-10)

These are some of the questions one has to keep in mind while assessing the software:

  • User Interface - How does it look like? Does it follow the standars we have come to expect for the platform it is designed for?
  • Ease of Use - Is it intuitive? Does it have a steep learning curve?
  • Help & Support - How good are the documentation and tech support offered? Are there user
  • Customization - Can it be customized according to the needs and tastes of different users?
  • Speed - Is it fast? How does it compare to other similar programs when performing the same tasks?
  • Searching - How flexible and powerful are the searches that can be run?
  • Features - Does it include a good number of features? Are there any outstanding or unique features?
  • Modules - Are there enough modules? How good is the content offered?
  • Original Languages - How well is it suited for those needing to do intensive original-language work and exegesis?
  • Price - What is the value-money ratio like?

I hope this will help you appreciate what we are looking at when we review Bible software here at BSR.

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