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Posted by on July 21, 2006 in Blog/Article Watch | 3 comments

Laridian has just started a new company blog. It is always good to see that more Bible software companies are setting up their own official blogs. Welcome!

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  1. I wish you to know that I am very unsatisfied with my dealings with Laridian. The download system is unnecessarily complicated and as I have never yet known it to work first time, I find it irritating in the extreme.

    I have just purchased an update, and while I dislike of being beaten by a piece of technology, especially when I have parted with my hard earned pension in order to acquire it. I am considering uninstalling all of your software in favour of a programme which is designed for use by humans.

    I note that there appears to be no way of contacting your organisation except via this blog page which is a pity from both your and my perspectives, which causes me to wonder why you find it necessary to make yourselves so inaccessible.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Ruben forwarded a note to me saying you’d left a message here. I don’t know if you realize that this isn’t Laridian’s blog nor is it our Web site. But we’re here answering your questions nonetheless.

    I found a tech support ticket from you from last year (June 2007) so I know you know we have readily available tech support at our Web site. So I’m not sure why you think there’s no way to contact us. In addition to the tech support system on our site, we post other contact information in obvious places on our Web site so you can contact us easily. My personal email address is there if worse comes to worse — you can always just contact me.

    It looks to me like you’ve downloaded the program you bought last week. If you’re having trouble installing it, just let us know by an email to . Tell us what the symptoms are and we’ll be happy to help.

    I’m surprised to hear that you find our download system complicated. We regularly get comments from customers telling us how much they appreciate the fact that they can re-download their software any time, and that they have access to their books and Bibles for any platform once they purchase them for one platform. When we do end up making contact with you I hope you’ll explain the trouble you had so we can fix it if needed.

    We have your email address on file and I’ll attempt to contact you that way. I just want the folks reading this blog entry to know that most folks find our download system easy to use and very convenient, and have no trouble getting support from us — even, like tonight, at 1:30 AM on a Monday which is a US holiday weekend!

    Craig Rairdin
    Laridian, Inc.

  3. For those who might be reading these comments, I was able to contact Richard and resolve his problems to his satisfaction. He asked me to post this to this site, as he had some difficulty locating it again after leaving his original message:

    During the final week of August last, I posted a complaint on this site concerning my frustration with the download procedures encountered with Laridian products. I was under the misapprehension that I was making a posting to a site operated by Laridian, since I had found my way here through their download site.

    As a result of this posting Mr Craig Rairdin, president of Laridian, contacted me with what was a very generous offer of assistance under the circumstances, and pointed out my error concerning the site I had posted to.

    I am mortified that what was a very discourteous, unreasonable and angry communication should have been placed in such a very public forum, no doubt causing Mr Rairdin some considerable embarrassment.

    I wish therefore to unreservedly withdraw my comments concerning Laridian and its products, and to apologise personally to Mr Rairdin for my unconscionable outburst.

    Richard Erwood

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