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Printed Manuals, Anyone?

A couple of years ago I commented on the advantages of having a printed manual that one could refer to (see earlier posts here and here), particularly in the case of the more advanced Bible software packages.

In light of the general trend to drop printed manuals entirely, and stick to the online help and, in some cases, video tutorials, I would like to revisit the issue. What are your thoughts on the matter? Have we reached a no-return point, or are printed manuals still desirable?

I have set up a poll on the General Bible Software Discussion Forum so that you can voice your opinion, not only by voting, but also by leaving your comments and interacting with one another. After all, that is what the forums are for. Registration is absolutely free, of course, and you're welcome to stop by anytime.

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Tim, you can't log in unless you register first ;-), which is a very straightforward and painless process...

Tim Bulkeley:

Didn't have a login over there, my 2c: if online search etc. for help works well there's no need for print, BUT when they stuff up the online help they usually fail to provide print as backup as well!

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