PocketBible 3

Laridian has just released PocketBible 3.

Some of the new features included in this version are:

Color highlighting – mark the text of any Bible or book with 16 colors, underlining and
strike-through. List the verses you have highlighted, all at once or by color.
Continuous synchronization – Bibles, commentaries and other verse-based reference books always stay on the same verse.
Categorized Book Chooser – your PocketBible books are now divided into Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Devotionals and Other to make it easier for you to find and select the book you want.
Context-sensitive tap-and-hold menus – a faster, more convenient way to copy, highlight, search, add notes, set bookmarks, change books and more.
Find your notes – two new ways to locate verses where you’ve attached a note: search by any word or phrase or list all your notes.
New Verse Chooser – choose book, then chapter, then verse from a list. Sort books in alphabetical or biblical order.
Continuous text – no more page/chapter breaks.
Gesture-based navigation – tap the top of the screen to scroll up one line, tap the bottom to scroll down one line; tap left to go back one page, tap right to go to the next page.
DailyReader features have been combined into PocketBible 3 – Now you can track your progress through Bible reading plans and devotional books (available separately) right in PocketBible. And instantly reschedule if you fall behind.
Open more than two books at once
Windows Mobile 5 softkey support

A demo version of the product is available, and the upgrade costs $10.00. All PocketBible Bibles, reference books and DailyReader books have been updated to support the new features of PocketBible 3, and current users of PocketBible do not need to repurchase their books.

Incidentally, Memorize! for Pocket PC has also been updated to version 1.5, which adds the ability to import from the new Bibles and support for the Windows Mobile 5 softkeys.


Light Blogging

I’m sorry about not being able to do much blogging lately. This will all change when the new website and
weblog are in place. You may not notice much difference at first (well, you will if you are a frequent visitor), but most changes are going to affect the nuts and bolts of the site.

I think I’ll adopt a minimalist (no theological pun intended ;-)) approach to the outward design, and focus on making the whole thing more user-friendly and efficient. As usual, I’m having lots of problems trying to make different browsers behave the way they should — my goodness! haven’t they heard about standards? –, but I think we’ll get there in a few more weeks.

In the meantime, thanks again for your patience.


Boot Windows XP on a Mac

Contributed by guest blogger Ken Ristau

As a follow-up to my previous post on MacWorld’s dual boot project, Apple has released a free, public beta version of its software called Boot Camp that allows Intel Mac users to run Windows XP natively on their computers. The software will be integrated into subsequent versions of Mac OSX. It’s official folks. This is not emulation software. You can run Windows XP just as you do on a PC. The upside for the Mac is tremendous. As it seems doubtful that Mac will ever let it’s software legally run on PCs, buying Mac will be the only legal way to run Windows XP and OSX natively on the same computer.


New Online Library

Check out this new online resource. It’s a new product done by Logos, and looks quite promising. SeminaryLibrary.com provides a remote library viewer to thousands of searchable, digitized, hi-resolution books.

I got to know about it by reading Jim West’s blog earlier today.