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Upcoming Changes

My post on the future of BSR elicited quite a few favorable comments, which I really appreciate very much. Your feedback and support seems to back up most of what I am hoping to accomplish in the months to come.

I have a lot of reviews on my plate (and I mean a lot). Some really terrific programs will be reviewed here during 2006. These are indeed exciting days for Bible software! There is such a plethora of applications that programmers are constantly improving upon earlier versions and features. This does not only apply to commercial packages, but to shareware and freeware programs too. I can only agree wholeheartedly with H. Van Dyke Parunak when he asserts, "Bible software has come a long, long way (...) In comparison with the state of the field 25 years ago, there are no bad decisions today. We would have given our eye teeth for any of the offerings now available." ("Windows Software for Bible Study," JETS 46/3 - Sept. 2003, p. 465). We simply cannot afford to approach the Scriptures without some degree of familiarity with the electronic tools available today. To quote Parunak again, "Bible study software has reached the stage of maturity where every student of the Bible should become acquainted with it." (ibid., p. 495)

Concerning the technical side of BSR, I think the planned improvements will make navigating and searching the site a lot easier. I am not sure when we'll be ready to implement all of the proposed changes. They are already underway, but I rely heavily on my older son's PHP and CSS skills, and he is extremely busy at the moment. He has already started the project, but we'll have to sit down and plan things carefully over the next few weeks. To put it in laymen's terms, Bible Software Review will turn into a huge collection of interconnected databases, where everything is properly categorized (text, graphics, video, etc.) and indexed. This way, contents will be more flexible, dynamic and customizeable, both for me and for you, the visitors. Once all the databases are in place, my son's programming skills should allow for some on-the-fly graphics, queries, and other cool things we've talked about. Expect a few changes in the look and feel of the website too :-)

So, thank you all for your patience. We'll get there, God willing.


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