Here’s a Proud Father

Please let me indulge in some personal reflections for a moment.

I have many reasons to feel proud of my family. My wife and I have been blessed with three wonderful children. Each one of them is truly special, and all of them make life worth living. They make us feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment. So, I am definitely very enthusiastic about being a father. Being a dad is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, jobs one can have. I highly recommend it.

Right now, I feel particularly proud because my older son (Andrés) and a friend of his (Carlos) will be releasing their first Christian album next Thursday, December 29. It is called “Abre la puerta” (Open the door). They are called 2Latidos (literally, two heartbeats), and their songs sound really great (I’m trying real hard to be objective here…) I highly recommend their CD :-)

Feel free to check out their website and listen to a short sample. And here’s a Trivial Pursuit question for you: which one of the two do you think is my son…?


Noah Bible Study Viewer with NIV

Laridian has partnered with BEIKS to offer the New International Version of the Bible to users of BlackBerry devices running Noah Bible Study Viewer, which already includes the KJV and other public domain Bibles. More info on this product, its features and system requirements can be found here.


Review of Bible Software

David Instone-Brewer’s latest Tyndale Tech email (not still available online as I write this), includes a link to John Glynn’s comparative review of Bible software (Exegetical and Bible Study Computer Program). It’s an interesting review of five software packages (Accordance, BibleWorks, Gramcord, Libronix (Logos), and Pradis (Zondervan). I recommend it.