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SBL Paper on Biblioblogging

Rick Brannan has made his paper on Biblioblog Problems and Solutions: PastoralEpistles.com as a Sandbox available here (you will find the donwload link at the beginning of the last paragraph). I have read it, and honestly think it is very good. I feel he has clearly identified the key problems. I also like the proposed solutions, but wonder if they could be readily applied by bloggers who lack Rick's technical skills. I'm afraid not.

I have been experimenting a bit with some of the resources he mentions in the paper (like http://del.icio.us/) in my own personal blog. Quite frankly, I use it as a sort of test bed for features I would like to use in a major overhaul of Bible Software Review (not scheduled yet). These "one-size-fits-all" solutions, to use Rick's terminology, are clearly inadequate for the particular needs of biblioblogs. So, in the meantime we have to tweak whatever we find here and there.

On a more personal note, I appreciate the reference to BSR (incidentally, http://www.bsreview.org/weblog/ will not work. You need to use the full link: http://www.bsreview.org/weblog/blogger.html).* Interestingly enough, it is included under Other Blogs, rather than Biblioblogs. This comes to show the difficulty of finding a clear-cut category for Bible Software Review Weblog. I have wrestled with this issue myself, and I would consider it a specialized kind of biblioblog (given the wide shade of meaning of that term). Your mileage may vary, of course.

* [Ed.] The new address is simply http://www.bsreview.org/blog


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