BAR and BAS CD-ROMs Reviewed

The Winter 2004 edition of the Emmaus Journal features a review of The Biblical World in Pictures and Biblical Archaeology Review: The Archive 1975-2003 CD-ROMs, written by John H. Fish III. Incidentally, I should be able to post a review of an excellent series of CD-ROMs on the geography of the Bible before too long. Stay tuned.


Still No Software or Online Resources?

Back in June 2004 I noted what to me was a glaring omission: no references to Bible software, multimedia software, courseware, or Internet resources were to be found in the otherwise useful NT Exegesis Bibliography assembled by Drs. Craig L. Blomberg and William W. Klein.

Well, a year later I can’t still find any such references in the 2005 edition of this bibliography. I guess they have better things to do than read Bible Software Review Weblog… ;-)

UPDATE (August 18): One of the authors of the bibliography mentioned above (Dr. William W. Kein) comments that I have overlooked their references to Bible software programs. That well may be the case in a printed version of the said bibliography, but I see no traces whatsoever of any mention to Bible software programs at the URL I blogged on. Hence my reply to his comments. On the other hand, the Annotated Old Testament Bibliography (M. Daniel Carroll R. and Richard S. Hess) does mention Accordance on CD-ROM under Concordances. So I guess I do read accurately and carefully what I blog about after all ;-)


SwordSearcher Mac Project Delayed

According to Brandon Staggs, the “limitations of XCode and IB for Mac development” have led him to delay the release of SwordSearcher Mac till late 2006. He is basically planning to switch to REALBasic and work on a cross-platform environment. Check out his blog for more details.

Incidentally, the 4.7 version of SwordSearcher for Windows has just been released. It includes a number of bug fixes and an export function for user-created commentaries and books. More details here. The new CD-ROM edition also includes 2 more classic Bibles and 3 new commentaries.


QV Mac Reviews

QuickVerse for Mac is barely out, but there are already a couple of reviews available at CMUG: “QuickVerse Bible Software Comes to the Mac: First Look at the newest Bible program for Mac OS X,” by David Lang, and “Review of QuickVerse for Mac: My Impressions of the Latest Bible Program for Mac OS X,” by Rino Dattilo.

I am still waiting for my own review copy to arrive…