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Is Everybody Going Mac or What?

QuickVerse is hoping to launch a Mac OS X version in late May. Apparently, it'll be available in two different flavors, a "White box" and a "Black box" edition (sort of like Standard and Deluxe, I would guess), retailing at $49.95 and $99.95, respectively.

Brandon Staggs, developer of SwordSearcher, also informs me that he is already working on a Mac version, and he is looking at a tentative release date somewhere around late 2005 or early 2006. It'll also be a 100% native Mac OS X version. More information will be forthcoming, according to the site's FAQ. Other considerations aside, this comes to show that Apple is alive and well on planet earth, and also that Mac OS X is a truly great operating system. I can't wait to see the next iteration (Tiger), soon to be released at an Apple store near you.

Definitely, this is going to be a fun year for Bible software!

UPDATE (April 15): Brandon has a delightful post in his blog, where he shares a little bit about what he calls his "Mac adventures." This is only the first part. More will follow as he develops the Mac version of SwordSearcher.

UPDATE (June 9): From now on, a new website will host all the upcoming information on SwordSearcher Mac.


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